The exploitation of suffering for political purposes

BBC Scotland, as it loves to do, headlining a single case and if possible a traumatic one, to imply that Scotland’s pandemic measures are flawed in some way. We read:

However, despite repeated appeals for an exemption on compassionate grounds, the family feel they have been let down by the “cruel” international quarantine system. Scotland’s national clinical director, Prof Jason Leitch, said visits to see relatives receiving end-of-life care were exempt from travel restrictions – but only if self-isolation protocols have been safely completed. He said: “This is a dreadful story and my heart goes out to the family. “I’m afraid the fundamental restrictions still apply though. An individual coming from an amber or a red country is a higher risk of virus, That, I’m afraid, is a fact.” Laura’s sister Rebecca has urged the government to do more the help families in the same situation.

Is this ‘normal’ editorial decision-making? Is this in the public interest?

As always we can look south to BBC England and Wales. If there’s a case in Scotland then statistically there must be even more there.

There’s no sign on BBC sites of any such story.

I searched and quickly found this:

It’s not being covered by the BBC, far less headlined. Could that be because, though deeply sad, it has no informative value and might undermine government strategy?

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3 thoughts on “The exploitation of suffering for political purposes

  1. Terrible situation for many people, this pandemic is causing much misery heartbreak and suffering. So sad for many, the BBC using peoples’ suffering to score political points, is just wrong on so many levels.
    Notice on the page there, a cruise ship is going to be allowed to berth in Scotland, presume folks will be required to quarantine, including staff.
    What a world.

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  2. From scot gov quarantine rules:
    As long as you have not tested positive or do not have COVID-19 symptoms, you can request to leave the hotel you are isolating in to go to the funeral of a close family member or friend, or to visit a close family member or friend who is dying.


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