Jabs with an old stick

So, BBC Scotland staff reveal their Anglocentric view with every step. Do they just not know it’s a jag? Do they know but want to correct it into ‘proper’ English?

And, the Scotsman making call centre problems into a national disaster with out-of-data date from the week ending 10th July.

I suppose if you’ve already decided it would be cool to link non-answered calls, to a Covid helpline, to soaring infection levels, it must be disappointing when you look at the data as you write:

Oh, no! That pesky SNP Government has the infection levels plummeting and, worse, they’re rocketing elsewhere. What can you say? The truth? No, not that. That would spoil the headline.


England has 10 times the population so should have had 20 000 to our 2 000 cases yesterday but had 47 400, more than twice as many. Does their helpline work? Where’s that researcher?

Ah, but surely some parts of Scotland are worse?

Midlothian has 15th highest level! Would that work as a headline? Wee Reporting Scotland reporter sighs.

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2 thoughts on “Jabs with an old stick

  1. These newspaper headlines are the continuation of the lie launched on Reporting Scotland last night after the appalling opening piece about the family wedding and the father who is dying.

    The piece was launched with the presenter stating, ‘Labour demands the interval between jabs (sic) is reduced to four weeks’. The reporter replies that JCVI recommend 8 weeks as optimum but that in some particular local circumstances this can be reduced. The presenter then says that Northern Ireland has reduced the time to 4 weeks (This appears nowhere on the BBC NI pages). The reporter repeats the SG position. Dogwhistling!

    The piece continues with a Tory claim that the closure of the Hydro as a vaccination centre means that jab (sic) targets will be missed. The reporter says that the SG claims that provision will be made in community centres, new walk in centres, buses. The presenter refers erroneously to Scotland’s faltering vaccination programme. The reporter outlines issues relating to young people, but makes no mention that the situation is broadly similar elsewhere in the UK nor mentions that Scotland has the highest proportion with the first jag.
    It is wilfully trickling lies into the audience consciousness. And, of course a number of the papers run with the same line this morning.

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    1. Yep and far as I have read, to give the second jag too early is not a good idea as you need the time for the body to process antibodies with the first jag, so 8 weeks is optimum gap apparently. Also side effects, I heard via a neighbour who works in oncology in Edinburgh that the booster (jag#3) causes much worse side effects, which he reckons means, the body is over reacting and probably does not require jag #3, not yet anyway.

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