BREAKING: Covid cases in England surging to more than TWICE that in Scotland

We bring you this exclusive, breaking and shocking news, just emerging, that Covid infections in England have begun to surge well above those in Scotland, after the Euros, and as Boris recommends caution but bottles it on taking firm action.

With 10 times the population, England might b expected to have 10 times the number of cases but yesterday, had 21 times as many. On the previous day, there were approaching 20 times as many but before that the rate of infection in Scotland had been similar to that in England.

Those such as BBC Scotland, watching the 7 day average infection rates have either not spotted or do not want to comment on what is emerging.

Ten days ago, of course, when infection rates were higher in Scotland, that was front page news.

7 thoughts on “BREAKING: Covid cases in England surging to more than TWICE that in Scotland

  1. It’s really scary, the wanton neglect of the so called media to alert, (remember that pap by Johnson ‘stay alert’) people to the real situation in England. Their government seem to want the virus to spread like wildfire, it’s utterly criminal.
    Scotland would surely close their border, if it was independent, but the dysfunction of the union means that this terrible virus will keep circulating, much as it’s good to see numbers in Scotland lowering.

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    1. We make the mistake of assuming the media are able to do so, despite what we’ve witnessed and has been frequently dismantled on this site.

      There has been clear manipulation of the news from London, mayhem and chaos in Scotland, nothing to worry about in England.

      There is a very real danger England’s high infection levels give rise to a mutation which renders current vaccines and vaccination useless.
      Then we are, ALL of us, in very real trouble.

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  2. For all
    Go to The Lancent or The Guardian
    1200 Scientists have raised extremely serious grounds that Boris has unleashed a dangerous experiment in removing lock down
    Their main concern that England is a major International hub
    That should a vaccine resistant mutation arise amongst a high % vaccinated nation
    Then it will be devastating for the whole World
    The chances of such increase exponentially every day as virus infections increase rapidly day by day
    History is always the best judge
    And Historian,s will scratch their heads as to how a dithering, gambling buffon of a man as Boris was ever allowed to continue in power not only to bring about what has all occurred to date and probably unfold in the coming weeks
    All akin how to this day History still does
    Fully understand how Hitler rose to power and managed to keep till he took his own life
    What perplexes them is how did the German people not act at any time particularly as the Nazis were rising
    It was so bloody obvious where it would all end if measures not taken to curtail him
    I feel very strongly that the Tories, Boris the front man, All MSM & the elite are none other than a updated rework
    Of Hitler and the Nazis
    Thankfully global warming will neuter them and sooner than most or any of us believe


  3. Hi John. I haven’t received any posts for a few days – Help. Thanks. Joe Killman

    “Talking-up Scotland 2021: Propaganda is to a democracy wh


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