Boris Johnson was spotted without a mask in the back of his ministerial Range Rover last night
Only in the Daily Mirror: Boris Johnson was spotted without a mask in the back of his ministerial Range Rover last night (Image: JAMES CURLEY AND MAGICMOMENTSUK)

Only the Daily Mirror and the National show the above image:

Notably, the Telegraph had:

Daily Telegraph 9 July 2021

Special? I suppose that makes the PM more special? No rules apply to him?

This was the Telegraph in December 2020:

The FM’s lapse portrayed as possibly worthy of police action. BBC Scotland made much of it, all of that day and, often beyond.

The others:

Everywhere, at length. It’s not a conspiracy, it’s worse. It’s a deeper contempt that directs their actions without thinking as if it were just normal, right to do so.

Boris Johnson was spotted without a mask in the back of his ministerial Range Rover last night

17 thoughts on “Special?

  1. Somehow this comes to mind :
    “You cannot hope to bribe or twist
    The honest British journalist,
    But seeing what un-bribed he’ll do,
    There’s scarcely any reason to!”
    Now where does that come from?

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    1. @p1uk – I just had to find out!

      “Over the Fire”, in The Uncelestial City (1930)
      Humbert Wolfe

      You cannot hope to bribe or twist,
      thank God! the British journalist.
      But, seeing what the man will do
      unbribed, there’s no occasion to.

      Hadn’t heard of him, but feel I need to read more. So many books, so little time… 🙂

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      1. So was that the original I wonder? There are probably other versions floating around maybe? TBH I prefer it the way I’d (mis?) remembered it …


  2. Yet another example of the propaganda level we are subjected to, on a regular basis. Why are people not seeing it, or is it because our beloved media spend so much time twisting everything related to Scottish matters? (Rhetorical question, of course!!).

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    1. It is an example of what the Italian Marxist, Antonio Gramsci called ‘hegemony’. This is when particular attitudes and opinions cease to be recognised consciously as just these – attitudes and opinions. They are things that have been repeated so often and are seldom examined and become to be perceived as ‘normal’, or ‘natural’. An example is the way so many, often decent and reasonable people in England actually think UK and England are the same thing.

      In the case of Mr Johnson, he is presented so often as ‘a character’, ‘different’, ‘a lad ‘, ‘a loveable rogue’, a ‘card’, ‘for all his faults, he does the important things (i.e.Brexit)’. So, if he is not wearing a mask, so what? This is ‘just Boris being Boris!’

      Whereas, ‘that Nicola Sturgeon is a nippy sweetie and always telling people what to do.’ So, if she inadvertently speaks to someone who has hailed her in a friendly way, after she has removed her mask when leaving a funeral, this is presented as ‘hypocrisy’, ‘don’t do as I do do as I say, etc.’

      Of course the media know exactly what they are doing cynically, because they know that some people, particularly BritNats, will accept it because it is hegemonic for them.

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      1. Alasdair
        I must take issue with you that the media know exactly what they are doing
        Oh they most certainly not because they singularly fail to even consider what becomes of them upon the inevidentibilty of our Indy
        And such will not quite be what they think or hope for
        Sorry is no use for the hideous relentless propaganda they have spewed and cost our Nation and peoples so much
        They full know of what they do
        Such in Poland did not end up pretty for them when the Old Soviets hung them out to dry and let the Poles ostrasise them by ensuring the only employment they ever got was of the lowest meanial form
        Hell mend them. They are none other than Traitors and Quislings


  3. It’s clear that the English government are at war against Scotland and have been for sometime. The compliant so called media is their tool, or one of them. Hammer and chisel, they hope to take chunks out of Scotland’s relatively newly found confidence, as well to hammer away at democracy in Scotland. It works, in part, otherwise they wouldn’t do it.
    Johnson can basically do what he wants and face no consequences at all, even if he is putting other people at risk. He is an embarrassment imo, because he represents everything that is wrong in the BritNat mindset, arrogance, selfishness, and a total lack of respect for anyone, especially those who are not in his small circle of Eton schooled incompetents. Why on Earth would anyone choose that to be a PM.

    Scotland definitely needs to escape the embarrissing, incompetent, incoherent imbecilic lead regime. The situation is not going to improve in the UK, that requires no crystal ball and no amount of propaganda can quite mask (no pun intended) the horror of a Tory government dictating to Scotland and ridiculing our democratically elected MPs etc. Scotland is being dictated to by a dangerous fool, and it’s terrifying.

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  4. Aye, then there was this lovely tweet https://mobile.twitter.com/danbloom1/status/1413139893031637008

    They went after Yousaf for having a break away with his family, next the FM and Swinney for having a couple of days off, opening the door for motormouth Kerr to bump his gums in outrage…

    I can’t help think it’s all diversion (even this Mirror story) from the aftermath of Johnson’s mistake over Mustique, but then when half the planet are looking on in shock about what the London Muppet Show is about to do, there is a lot to deflect, as Mike Ryan’s short and to the point comment examples https://mobile.twitter.com/GabrielScally/status/1412911843631411203

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  5. The Special One!

    In his own head, obviously, and in the reportage of “Scotland’s” colonial media.


  6. As school children,people like Johnson learned that other people are responsible for his actions.
    Parents pay for Bullingdon Boys vandalism etc and plebs pay for their mistakes in government.
    It is the English way and always has been,toffs live by different rules.
    The problem that he has with Scotland is that we have a long history and culture of not accepting serfdom as being our lot and that democracy means that we are all equal and equally responsible.
    If only we had democracy in Scotland.

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  7. Possibly if he had been wearing a mask we wouldn’t have been able to see that he looks as if he’s had one too many!


  8. But … this headline is absolutely correct ! England IS a Special country.

    It can morph from being England into the UK or GB or Britain or ”The Country” or ”The Nation ” in a nano-second and nobody ( in England ) notices !

    As shown by its World King /PM normal rules do not apply – like taking precautions against pandemics .
    We should all be seeking out those with Covid and shaking their hands . We English are immune to infection – only the weak will succumb !

    As a Third Wave of a deadly variant hits ”The Country” it is the appropriate time to cancel all health measures that protect ordinary people – we English are NOT ordinary so do not require these restrictions – and we need to make money !

    As the rest of the World struggles and succeeds in limiting the spread of infection we English are packing our bags to invade Europe to catch a bit of sun – and allow these foreigners to catch a bit of variant .

    We beat the EU with Brexit ! We beat the Germans and the Danes , too !

    We are special !!!


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