SHOCK: SNP not to blame for care home mis-management

Nightingale House, Auchinleck.
Image: Cumnock Chronicle

Nightingale House in Cumnock, East Ayrshire has been served with an Emergency Cancellation of Registration after notice by the Care Inspectorate. 16 of the 23 residents have been transferred to alternative care home places with all transfers to be concluded by 5th July 2021.

Nightingale House, named ironically after the English Crimean War health innovator whose hospitals had a higher death rate than the battlefields, is owned by Nightingale House Ayrshire Limited and managed/owned by Hamid, Mohammed and Nasreen Shafique.

The home had very disturbing inspection reports in May 2021 and June 2021, leading the Care Inspectorate to make the above emergency call for its closure. You can read them here:

More than a year after the first pandemic wave and we still could read:

We found some progress had been made; however, best practice relating to infection prevention and control had not been reached and some risks to people’s health, safety and wellbeing remained.

We found areas within the home, relating to infection prevention and control, that were not satisfactory and needed attention. Several areas of the home needed a thorough deep clean: faecal contamination was found in toilet areas and on equipment.

Staff did not consistently demonstrate appropriate knowledge of expected infection prevention and control practice. We identified concerns in relation to the maintenance and cleanliness of some equipment and bedroom and lounge furnishings.

BBC Scotland is ignoring this story as are the opposition parties. As the reports roll in, it becomes ever more impossible to blame Scottish Government advice, lack of PPE or hospital discharges when the sheer neglect of a system based on greed is revealed.

The owners should be prosecuted.

11 thoughts on “SHOCK: SNP not to blame for care home mis-management

  1. Just like the Charge of the Light Brigade at the Crimean war.
    To add to your analogy with such a war
    Private Enterprise in its mad dash for profit incurs ridiculous casualties even when such is inevitable as a deadly highly infectious virus stares your Senior management and the Directors in the face
    Greed never was and never shall be good
    It is not one of the 7 deadly sins for nothing

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  2. John – Nightingale House isn’t in Cumnock, it’s in Auchinleck. Such niceties are important in God’s Orange County.


    1. crucial!
      There is the story of the guy in a Cumnock pub who ventured very loudly that “a’ the women in Auchenleck are either fitba’ players or hoors” A very large gentleman comes over to him and says “ma sister bides in Auchenleck”. They instant reply is “what position does she play?”


      1. Becomin involved in any argument between the good people of Auchinleck and the Scumnockians is always a dangerous position John. Never forget, Scottish Government protocol in the event of a break-out from Carstairs is: Immediately seal-off Cumnock, if the escapee gets in there we will never find him.


        1. On a funny note
          What would you call a guy up a tree in Cumnock wearing a Celtic top

          A house hunter


  3. Your concluding sentence is one that the new Lord Advocate, Dorothy Bain, should be pressured to work towards. This has gone on for long enough. In Scotland we have a situation where if you own your own home you will certainly have to pay for your care at the sort of rates typical of that voracious sector set, taking the chance that you will get the kind of level of care set out in this report.

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  4. The Scottish media and the GMB has been remarkably quiet about care homes in Scotland recently. Perhaps this is not unrelated to the fact that questions are being raised in England about the very high numbers of deaths in care homes, following Mr Dominic Cummings various revelations, in which he put the blame squarely on Messrs Johnson and Hancock.

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    1. I see that mr Smith had a Glasgow hating rant in the Daily Ranger about the fact that COP26, which he is threatening to ruin, is the ‘dirtiest city in the world’.

      Where do we get these self-loathing Scots like Smith, Andrew Neill, Neil Oliver?

      When Renton did his rant in Trainspotting it was heavily ironic.


  5. “BBC Scotland is ignoring this story as are the opposition parties” says it all really….. As you’ve observed before HMS Sarah Smith has bent over backwards to deny such as this happens, suddenly a pink squirrel “Live” on Misleading Scotland with Glenn Campbell’s paint spattered suit running a monologue becomes the headline.

    I never figured out is what drove the HMS Sarah Smith’s approach, vested interest, associations, bungs, threats of litigation, or plain good ole “doesn’t fit the anti-SG propaganda brief”.

    I’m inclined to think SG murmurs of Care-Home reforming legislation is part of what drove the Kilgour/Pennington/PQ propaganda assaults in the first place, it was Sarwar who stood out on the political side, morality and honesty don’t matter a monkeys where money is involved.

    Care-Home provision became a commercial cash-cow under Thatcher’s changes particularly with “light touch regulation”, it opened a can of worms of multinational interests (profits), offshore complex entities and even more inventive “accountancy”, many have been investigate none have actually been imprisoned. Yet. And I shan’t hold my breath…

    There has been much wrong with care-home provision for a considerable time, particularly the asset-stripping aspect @iamsoccerdoc touched on. It was all part of the Thatcher concept of having to pay your way, sold on the daft idea all were paper millionaires, the real ones were nicely and separately sorted.

    Your featured piece demonstrates yet again the Care Inspectorate in Scotland take their job seriously and brook no political interference, long may that continue and strengthen.
    It will be the SG Covid Inquiry which will prove interesting, I expect there are further actions by the CI in the pipeline, interesting times.


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