Scotland’s education system and the less than educated press coverage

The supposedly intelligent Guardian reporter’s view above and the supposedly quality Times report below:

The very positive words of the actual report below:


Who you gonna believe?

5 thoughts on “Scotland’s education system and the less than educated press coverage

  1. Our education system can’t undo the harms of colonialism on its own, nor the social inequalities demanded by neo-liberalism. It lacks the resources and legal authority to do so, and is not designed to do that anyway. Though this concept might be beyond the numpties who’ve made a complete back-to-front of Scotland’s engagement with a postcolonial approach to law and society (see theory and practice that enables the male colonisation of the female identity). ‘Cause if you deny the social significance of biology, you can’t support good public health or tackle institutional racism.

    Critical Race Theory and Postcolonial Development Theory


  2. If Scotland wants to support the principle of equality in law and the potential for social mobility, let alone the potential for political self-determination, we’ll need to do better at defending both our educational and legal systems from the lingering effects of colonialism. So IMHO, we must do all we can to prevent Scots law and society from being further separated from the Natural law and material reality.



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