Burnham accused of double standards over Wales and Scotland and shifting for leadership

In September 2020 an Elvis Festival in Bridgend, Wales, was cancelled, preventing fans from Bolton near Manchester, from attending and incurring considerable costs. Bridgend council leader Huw David (Labour) said: “There will be no Elvis here meeting them, they will be met by South Wales Police force and action will be taken against people who break the law.”

Mayor Andy Burnham (Labour) did not protest that the Welsh Government had not consulted him and there have been no attempts to sue Bridgend Council.

No Lancashire politicians appeared on BBC Wales to say that First Minister Mark Drakeford did not speak for Wales. Surely among N W England’s 8 million, they musty have someone as thick and unelectable as Murdo Fraser?

A bit geographically confused, PM Johnson sided with Wales and said: “The guidance is very clear that people from very high areas such as Merseyside should not be making those journeys.”

Things are clearly different here:

Daily Express

This is clearly part of a bid for the Labour leadership with Burnham, in May, refusing to tell people in Indian Covid hotspots not to travel to Wales for the bank holiday weekend when he was questioned about it on BBC Breakfast.

The First Minister knows what’s going on:


5 thoughts on “Burnham accused of double standards over Wales and Scotland and shifting for leadership

  1. It’s a preposterous Union Unit confection being played out with Andy Burnham’s collusion for political benefit.

    The setup on the Marr show by Nick (He said nothing..) Robinson was pretty obvious, the BBC prepared to roll the story out on all fronts, the Turdo and Express on standby with the fans and manure ready…

    But this on Indyref2 this morning made me smile at the hypocrisy – “Greater Manchester Transport. “Where possible please try to minimise travel within Greater Manchester and to areas outside the region to help stop the spread of new Coronavirus variants.” “…

    Did Greater Manchester Transport phone Andy personally to let him know ? Is he threatening to sue ? 🤣

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    1. Nippy BBC Nick R when he asked A. Salmond a question a few years back, and AS answered in detail, BBC totally edited out A.S’s answer and nippy Nick said, ‘he didn’t arrrrnnnswer’. A*se.


      1. Good reminder – I paraphrased his middle name as “He said nothing” every since as I couldn’t remember his exact words, but aye, an erse, and an arrogant one at that, wi teeth…

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  2. The tweet shown in the above post from Murdo Fraser steps over the line of what is acceptable from an MSP. Regardless of who he (or any of us) thinks ‘speaks’ for whom, Ms Sturgeon is the FM of Scotland, heading up the duly elected government of Scotland and one with legal and public health responsibilities and powers.

    If Mr Fraser has a problem with how the FM and her government are exercising their responsibilities and powers, he can take action in Holyrood and/or challenge the Scottish Government in the courts. He can put his point of view to the court of public opinion via the media.

    However, an MSP should not be encouraging explicitly others to flout public health guidance, advice and/or rules set by an elected government: this is tantamount to an incitement.

    From a closer read of this tweet, I suspect Mr Fraser would ‘weasel’ his way out of such a charge by noting his precise wording namely: “should not be cancelling holidays here LATER IN THE SUMMER”. (my emphasis) ‘Later in the summer’ is not now!

    And could his introduction of the term ‘welcome’ in this tweet – as an implied counter to the FM’s action – be an indication of Mr Fraser’s descent into ‘dog whistle politics’? I suspect he is pleased with his ‘clever’ contribution.

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