Shielding the Tories

The blue rosette tells you he is a Tory even if BBC England would rather not draw attention to it. BBC Scotland has a similar loyalty when it comes to sex offenders. See the guilty Aberdeen councillor down at the bottom and the not-guilty SNP former leader fully exposed.

Down at the bottom, for BBC England, see the baby death story. There’s no mention of Matt Hancock or the PM. It was the same style for a case with a staggering 1 000 baby deaths:

But a baby death in Scotland is a different matter:

12 thoughts on “Shielding the Tories

  1. Good to see you back John.
    Aye, the media in the yookay is definitely not free of government control and free speech is on a shooting peg.
    Saw it mentioned the English government are planning to sell off Ch4, I always thought it was an independent channel. Maybe I misheard.
    Finding the yookay a tad scary the now, hope Scotland has a plan.

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      1. Thanks John. We might get a train to somewhere one day. Waiting for jag for sons. Not been across the doors for yonks, had to venture into town for jag yesterday, it was really busy and noisy, too used to a slightly quieter life. We go for walks along the local river, ‘mudlarking’ and have built up a fine collection of amazing bits of pottery, glass, nice wishing stones, even found a piece of amazing blue quartz, and some strange but very nice rusted metal bits, it’s very relaxing then you have fun cleaning it all. Tmi I know.
        Hope you had a good break away, I think the political etc can get too much at times but we can’t take our eyes off the ball for long these days can we.
        All the best to you.


    1. ArtyHetty
      CH4 is commercially funded – ad revenue(?) – but publicly owned by some sort of arm’s length company attached to a Gov Dept. Clear as mud.

      Welcome back John

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  2. BBC Tory.

    “And here is Dame Ruth Davidson with the news update and the weather”.

    “They Essempee Nats want the public to have a say in Scotland’s future–no way.
    Not as long as I remain an elected member of the Lords”!
    “Weather? It will be pishin’ doon until you lot vote Tory”!
    “An’ midges–midges galore”!

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  3. Welcome back John hope you had a nice restful break and all is well.

    You would probably have seen these but I thought I would just post the headlines .
    (1) BBC Question Time: Fiona Bruce says it ‘can’t just be the Ian Blackford Show’

    (2) Brexiteers propose return of imperial measurements in report on reducing ‘red tape’

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    1. The Brexiteers want to measure their tiny minds in inches, lol.
      Very backward but that is the essence of Brexit, taking us all back to an imperial past. Mythical glory, great bloody Britain.
      Scotland needs to get away from backward Britain before the tons and tons of dangerous pesticide loaded sugar, and hormone injected, cruelly tortured before a horrific death, beef and lamb from Aussieland is labelled in pounds and ounces. Marvellous.


  4. Unashamedly O/T

    Good to hear Stevie Clarke telling the country that the Scottish Media are negative about the team and that they are wrong. . . “It’s a great team I’ve known this for a long time” . . . . Some more eyes openned up!

    Stevie Clarke. . . Billy Gilmour . . . . C’mon North Ayrshire

    Apparently there is another Gilmour coming through. . . . .

    Not forgetting Irvine’s Erin Cuthbert


    1. You nailed it ClydeB.
      Scottish media negative about Scotland? Only all the time!

      BBC headline —“Scotland FRUSTRATED England”.

      That is usually a comment when a team has ten men behind the ball. That was NOT the game I watched.

      BBC as normal rooting for England.

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