Even Scotland’s football team’s stance on racism will be misused by Reporting Scotland

I’m grateful to reader and contributor, stewartb, for drawing my attention to this.

From Sally Magnusson last night

Scotland’s players will now ‘take the knee’ ahead of their second Euros match against England at Wembley next Friday. They had planned to ‘take a stand’, as they put it, against racism in all three of their appearances in the group stages.

Then after her suggestion that this is ‘a mess‘, we hear from Alistair Lamont:

The Scotland squads focus is firmly on preparing for Monday’s Euro 2020 opening match against the Czech Republic but the decision to ‘stand against racism’ rather than ‘take the knee’ caused a stir.

I think the message is clear. The Scotland team, manager and players are confused or perhaps worse, less committed to the anti-racist cause than they should be. As with all things, why don’t they just do what England does?

First, the ‘stir‘, what ‘stir?’ Labour’s Paul Sweeney and two misguided SNP councillors? From informed Livingston captain, Marvin Bartley, only praise:

Second, the ‘mess’, is it? Perhaps you might imagine one but only if you leave something out to change the meaning.

Here’s the actual statement by the manager, Steve Clarke:

We will continue to take a stand – together, as one – for our matches at Hampden Park. For our match at Wembley, we will stand against racism and kneel against ignorance.

The ignorance they have in mind is that which has led to some English fans booing their own players and, consequently, the Scottish players agreed to kneel against that ignorance in Wembley where it is likely to happen.

Their own preferred approach, absent the English moron fans, is to stand as has become the preferred approach in Scottish football.

This is a coherent, principled and, as Stuart put it to me, ‘admirable aspect to the Scottish team’s collective decision‘ BUT Reporting Scotland preferred instead to present an imagined mess by leaving out the full quote and the rationale behind it.

Here is the full statement from Manager, Steve Clarke :

As Stuart points out

‘This is a blatant, outrageous omission of an important, actually admirable aspect of the Scottish team’s collective decision.

9 thoughts on “Even Scotland’s football team’s stance on racism will be misused by Reporting Scotland

  1. Just my 2c – The entirely bizarre “Yes sir, we can Boogie” song gets jumped on by the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra in record time, the stand becomes the kneel then the stand and the kneel to please none except at HMS Sarah Smith because it confirms the “a mess” story they’d already scripted…
    Tomorrow, “A Wark on the Wild Side with Andrew Wallet-Locked Hard, examining Scots’ confusion and potential long term effects from Pacific Quay coverage…”

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  2. The BBC that operates in Scotland ALWAYS tie up their news with something exactly the same as the news from London.
    So fans in England boo the English team for taking a knee.
    So the BEEB have to put Scotland on the same page.

    Often, the Brit Nat parties oblige them by referencing the matter.

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  3. On bbc’s Radio station based on Scotland. Friday night’s Footy Prog. Stuart McAll said that whether s team Takes The Knee or Stands against Racism can vary from week to week. Some teams TTK others Stand. I think Stuart said his team would adopt the gesture of the home team.
    So this attack on Scotland’s National team by England’s State Broadcaster is completely fabricated. What’s new.

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  4. A BBC special.

    Newsflash—“News has come, that President Joe, with Pete Macron and Mary Merkel have been kidnapped by a gang of extreme environment fruit enthusiasts”!

    “We go straight to our special correspondent at Wem-bur-lee stadium”.

    “Mark, what have you heard, and does it affect Englands chances, of, of course, winning the tournament”?

    ” Well, Jackie, the world leaders are definitely gone, no sign of them here……….but on the bright side, Boris Johnson thinks England can go all the way, and DO IT FOR BRITAIN”!

    ” This has been Mark Muppet, speaking from Wem-bu-lee, on behalf of all the Engerlund fans gathered here”!

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  5. You have to admire the BBC Shortbread’s relentless enthusiasm to twist ANY story into one which undermines the Scottish people /Nation .

    If it’s Health or Education we are just sh*te ,
    if it’s the economy or commerce we are just sh*te ,
    if it’s running a Government or fighting a pandemic we are just sh*te .

    And let’s not forget that when it comes to Broadcasting sh*te , BBC Shortbread is in a shitty world of its own .


  6. Radio 2 10am News sports bulletin . . . . . The high temperatures expected will be a disadvantage for the English team.
    (Not word for word )

    Preparing their brave audience for a possible gubbing.


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