BBC tries to hide Biden’s warning for Johnson over Northern Ireland

Twenty paragraphs on Russia and this frankly ludicrous, fawning, attempt to paint Johnson as his hero, Churchill:

President Biden arrived in the UK on Wednesday. He will meet PM Boris Johnson to agree a new “Atlantic Charter”. The pact will be a modern version of the one agreed between Winston Churchill and Franklin Roosevelt in 1941, with a focus on challenges including climate change and security.

before this carefully worded avoidance of the truth of Johnson’s responsibilities for the crisis in Northern Ireland:

Mr Biden is expected to warn that the UK-EU trade row could endanger peace in Northern Ireland. He will call on fellow leaders to protect the gains of the Good Friday agreement.

From the Guardian, a more accurate account:

Only the BBC seems to have misjudged the headline story:

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16 thoughts on “BBC tries to hide Biden’s warning for Johnson over Northern Ireland

    1. All the mood music emancipeting from US political circles is that under no circumstances whatsoever shall trade talks commence far less a deal whilst the UK is seen to compromise in any form or manner The Good Friday Agreement.
      Joe Biden is also on record as saying
      He all too familiar with the actions of GB
      historically when it comes to Ireland
      In short he is telling Boris
      I know you lot. Do Not Attempt any wrong moves
      You are check mated Pal

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  1. Of course the BBC is now run by card-carrying Tories. It is a creature of that political party, just like Pravda is in Russia.

    By the way, article 3 of the actual Atlantic Charter states that —

    “All people have a right to self-determination”.

    You wont hear that mentioned on the BBC either.

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  2. And not the slightest possibility for any blame for this blatant propaganda to be set at the door of HMS Sarah Smith.
    When the BBC sets out to cover the abundant arse of/who is Boris Johnson, their going to need a bigger Union flag.

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  3. NI aside,this American administration is not too happy with Brexit either.
    While the UK was part of the EU,the USA had a voice inside the tent.
    Now they are going to have to become best pals with Germany and or France because they accept that the EU is a major global power and will assist in bringing pressure on the Chinese and Russia in future deals.
    The BBC was always an organ of the British state but on top of that it is now staffed by political appointees from the Tory party.
    Only watch it if you want to find out what England’s Tories are up to.

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  4. Is it not a bit rude to ridicule the BBC, when they’re working their little socks off to support English Torydum/British nationalism? What about a bit of tolerance and inclusion? 😉

    The Treaty and International Law
    A Brief Look at the Maroon Treaty and the International Law of Treaties

    “Pacta sunt servanda, or the principle that agreements are to be respected, even among otherwise sovereign states, is a fundamental tenet of international law. The original justification for the obligatory force of treaties is probably attributable to religious solemnity (the Maroon Treaty, typically, begins, “In the name of God, Amen . . . “). Nowadays, international theory attributes the legally binding nature of treaties to the capacity of sovereign states to bind themselves. “

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  5. P.S. Seeing as we are on the subject of international treaties, I note that Maya Forstater won her appeal. Though I also note the judgement could not have been weaker in its support for a scientific world view. With legal support like that, open democracy doesn’t stand a chance against the creeping fascism it faces on several fronts.

    The meaning of meaning in biology and cognitive science: A semiotic reconstruction

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  6. From the Irish Times online today on the NI protocol:

    “I’m not surprised at the strength of feeling that we have got from the US President,” (Ireland’s Minister for Foreign Affairs) Mr Coveney told reporters in Dublin this morning. “I think he has a capacity to see through the spin and the fog and the media articles in the British media about the protocol, and [HE]simplifies the message: a deal was agreed, for good reason. Now it needs to be implemented.”

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  7. Just caught up with this on the BBC website, the headline now reads “G7: UK and US in ‘complete harmony’ over Northern Ireland – Boris Johnson” 🤣
    Strewth, how on earth do they hope to get away with this claptrap ?

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    1. Bob
      ABC (BBC) no matter what are singularly
      Missing the whole point and the absolute
      Crux of this single issue
      Boris signed the EU withdrawal agreement and was in full knowledge of its effects on the NI protocol and Good Friday Agreement
      So it is The UK and the EU that must be in complete harmony particularly so that this agreement is a Legally enforceable international treaty with very punitive clauses to punish the UK in a very serious economic manner should they fail to implement the agreement as legally required to do so
      The EU have already stated that their patience is wearing very thin and that they will NOT hesitate to litigate and invoke the clauses that are contained in the agreement,and one of those clauses caters for the UK having no access to the Sungle Market other than on WTO terms
      So ABC ( BBC ) are demonstrating that their reporting is below that of what a School pupils paper would produce
      And is fit only for for placing upon the toilet roll holder where it might just prove to be of some irritable use in a emergency in which room it hangs

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