SHOCK: UK infection rate now as high as in India

Despite much dwelt-upon shortages of infrastructure and of PPE, the infection rate, currently 8.2 per 100K, in both countries, looks like falling below that of the UK in the next few days.

Though fascinated with the deaths, the apparent hospital chaos and the massed funeral pyres, only a few weeks ago, UK media have turned their gaze away from India now that she is clearly on top on the pandemic.

Only CBS News has ‘India eases COVID restrictions as infections hit 2-month low.’

Important news for the UK’s many citizens with family there? No, instead the ‘Black Fungus‘ infecting some Covid patients has much more appeal for Western journalists.

5 thoughts on “SHOCK: UK infection rate now as high as in India

  1. BBC Scotland has been stoking things about the ‘Fanzone’ for more than a week now. They must be hoping there is the huge increase in infections which the hospitality industry institute of epidemiology and virology has been predicting arising from the failure to remove all restrictions on bevvying.

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  2. Covid-19 rising? “Freedom Day” postponed?

    Time for a Royal wedding/baby/Harry fall out.

    Or a war!………………… “Sausage War” anyone?

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  3. If there’s another thing I know, Scotland’s justice system is stunted in development and structurally dysfunctional, as a result of standing under Westminster for three centuries.

    Cybersemiotics: A New Foundation for Transdisciplinary Theory of
    Information, Cognition, Meaningful Communication
    and the Interaction Between Nature and Culture,%20Cybersemiotics,%20Vol.%209,%20No.%202(dot)pdf


  4. The schools in England are it seems showing high levels of infection, they should be closed right now. Young people are getting Covid now, and most have not had the vaccine, which only gives a certain level of protection anyway but it’s better than nothing, because it’s thought it reduces the severity of the Delta variant which is, massively MORE transmissable than others and is dominant in 90% of new cases in England.
    We were out for a walk recently, donned with proper masks, some folks looked at us as if we were aliens, (central Edinburgh, probs English tourists there are lots of them). My son wears a mask being vulnerable and not having had the vaccine as yet, due first dose tomorrow, and I always wear a mask outdoors I don’t care what anyone thinks. The vaccine takes at least two weeks to take effect, I think as much as four for the first dose.
    People still stand at the shop door, put a mask on, and stop and take it off when leaving the shops having touched everything with their dirty hands, no on uses hand sanitiser, I despair.

    We really do not want this to go rampant among young people, it will just circulate so much more and some of them will die.

    Here is Dr. Campbell and others discussing the latest, longer vid but worth a watch.


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