‘Agricultural wasteland for Scotland’

Abandoned farmers cottage, Scotland - YouTube

Image: Drewa1983

From SNP Media:

SNP MSP Jim Fairlie will lead a Members’ Business Debate today (Tuesday) on the threat a tariff-free trade deal with countries like Australia will pose to Scotland’s farmers and agriculture sector.

The Perthshire South and Kinross-shire MSP will tell the Scottish Parliament that a trade deal that allows tariff-free access for lamb, beef and pork into the UK presents hugely-damaging consequences to farmers and crofters in Scotland.

The Tory UK government has already faced stern criticism of its proposed deal with Australia, with both the UK and Scottish Presidents of the NFU describing the prospect of tariff-free trade as a ‘total betrayal’ and ‘unbearable’.

Commenting, Jim Fairlie said:

“Scotland’s food exports are world-renowned for their quality and make an incredible contribution to Scotland’s economy. It cannot be stressed enough how much damage a tariff-free deal would do to the industry, with farmers and crofters being undercut by imports that are lower in price and lower in quality.

“In many communities, including in my constituency, farming is a way of life and the prospect of a tariff-free deal could mean many family businesses which have been passed on through the generations going out of business. The Tories are threatening an agricultural wasteland for Scotland.

“Once again Scotland’s food sector is under threat from the Tories and their pursuit of Brexit. They have already wreaked havoc on Scotland’s fishing sector – we cannot see the same happen to our world-class farmers.

“All this demonstrates is that Scotland would be better off as an independent country within the European Union, where industries would be part of the single market and customs union.”

The motion lodged by Jim Fairlie MSP is as follows:

Impact on Scottish Agriculture of Tariff-free Trade Deals
Motion ref: S6M-00058

That the Parliament recognises that agriculture is a vital part of Scotland’s economy, including in the Perthshire South and Kinross-shire constituency; believes that it underpins the food and drink sector and has a huge role to play in achieving the country’s climate change targets; considers that there might be potential for hugely-damaging consequences to the most remote rural communities from any tariff-free trade with major agricultural producer nations, and notes the view that, in its pursuit of trade deals, the UK Government must take due cognisance of the vulnerability of Scotland’s agriculture sectors.

2 thoughts on “‘Agricultural wasteland for Scotland’

  1. I heard I think it was last week, via ‘Scotland at 7’, that the deal with Australia is worse than we are told, they have stipulated thay want written into it, a clause where they can take the ‘country’ to court if their trade with the UK is disadvantaged in any way by farmers in the UK. If Scottish farmers
    somehow stepped on their toes, they could be sued. Fantastic.

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    1. Well, you can’t blame Australia for looking after their own.

      Speaking of which, as we’re part of the wonderful, broad-shouldered Union, I think it’s time for our Scottish MPs to start reminding WM of that. Frequently. Possibly incessantly. (As should the Welsh).

      If we really are a much loved, greatly valued and equal part of the union – no, don’t laugh – then absolutely NO decision should be taken that in any way disadvantages any individual part of that union.

      If WM has taken on sole responsibility of ‘looking after’ us all, then it’s their duty and responsibility to ensure that the constituent parts all prosper as individuals. If this can’t be achieved, it means (disregarding incompetence etc) one of 2 things:
      1) It can’t be done within the union. So each member should be able to make its own deals.
      2) The constituent parts aren’t much loved etc. So it’s not a union, is it?

      They really need their feet holding to the fire on this. Every. Single. Time and Every. Single. Day.

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