Does Murdo ‘Serial Loser’ Fraser believe in democracy at all?

From David Patrick:

I was left incredulous by Murdo Fraser’s article in Wednesday’s paper (Prospect of SNP-Green deal makes a strong case for Holyrood voting reform, 2nd June).

Is this the same Murdo Fraser whose Conservative party formed a coalition with the DUP in Westminster in 2017, giving a majority of four on a combined 43% of the vote?

Or the same Murdo Fraser whose party currently holds a majority of 80 in Westminster – 57% of the seats! – on 43.6% of the vote?

If Mr Fraser genuinely supports voting reform, he should be appalled at democratic outrages such as these.

However, I fear that his concerns are a cakeist sham – and you don’t have to be a genius to work out why. Which electoral system should Mr Fraser support? Why, the one that gives his party the best chance of holding power, of course!

But there’s a darker edge to the opinion piece. With just over 50% of the regional list vote going to parties or independent candidates who declared support for Scottish independence, the proposition being made is not for the voting system in Scotland to be changed to promote democracy –  but to thwart democracy.

Which begs the question – does Murdo Fraser believe in democracy at all?

11 thoughts on “Does Murdo ‘Serial Loser’ Fraser believe in democracy at all?

  1. Come on, go easy on WATP. It cannot be easy for him to learn his Glorious Leader is a Kafflik. The Bear is shell-shocked.

    It’s not easy being a Scottish tory.

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    1. The reform that needs to take place is a change to that serial losers like Murdo Fraser can’t be put into the Scottish Parliament for TWO DECADES without ever winning an election. There needs to be a limit on how many times any one individual can be put into a list seat.

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    and I did mean cult not the other terminology


  3. “Mr Taggart, Mr Taggart–there’s been a MURDO”!

    “Quiet, son. Don’t say that word out loud. There are decent folk in this town”! “We dont want people feart o’ a bogy man”!

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  4. The money that Murdo Fraser has taken from the public purse over the years, as an unelected public servant. it’s just truly sickening. Little children are being starved in Scotland by the English Government, while trougher Fraser takes as much as he can, and for what, to whose benefit? He does not care one jot for the people of Scotland, another one of the 21st century ‘parcel of rogues’ working against Scotland and going along with his masters, who are happily starving liitle kids. He should hang his head in shame.

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    1. But he’s a trier , isn’t he ?
      He’ll keep on trying until he finds the Golden ticket – the one that Col. Ruthie found – then it’s two fingers to the ungrateful b*stards who wouldn’t vote for him . Instead he will have subsidised meals , drinkies and a pot of expenses that will make George Foulkes choke .
      At long last he will be with ‘his ain folk’ .

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  5. It’s not my intention to be nasty, just for the sake of it. As ArtyHetty suggests though, it really is criminal the scale of personal finance this total chancer has manged to milk from the public purse. I’m also pretty sure he’s doing it deliberately, and he’s far from the only grifter in Holyrood.

    Ontology in Public Administration Includes Potential, Positivism and Rationalism Approaches


  6. I agree with jrtomlin above, that there should be a limit on the number of times someone can hold a list seat. Also, I suggest the use of open primaries, which would allow any member of the public in a constituency/region to vote for candidates.

    Former MP Sarah Wollaston was selected as the Conservative candidate for Totnes through an open primary in 2009. I thought at the time the use of an open primary was a good idea (the only time I’ve ever agreed with a Con party policy). Her wiki entry is interesting – she supported MUP of alcohol for example.

    Could the use of open primaries increase voter engagement? Could it prevent at least some intellectually challenged, greedy, lazy people from being selected as candidates? Could open primaries improve the calibre of candidates in general?

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