‘Independence for Scotland would have saved many lives’

Anecdotally, the evidence published here has been used by some writers to the letters pages at the Herald, Scotsman and elsewhere.

The Herald today had this:

I recognise the content but it’s written with a bit more style than I tend to offer.

This, it seems, was inspired by Phillipa Whitford’s demolition of the BBC’s Clive Myrie:

Dear readers, have a go yourself?

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4 thoughts on “‘Independence for Scotland would have saved many lives’

  1. Put simply, if you attack the “dialectical logic” of the law, you’re attacking the capacity of the law to reflect material reality and support justice. Which is the sort of attack Scots law is particularly vulnerable to, as it is unable to connect with international law, due to Westminster’s assumed legal supremacy. Scots law really is stunted and deformed as a result of standing under Westminster, so we would do well to liberate the legal autonomy of the institution.

    Dialecticism across the Lifespan: Towards a Deeper Understanding of the Ontogenetic and Cultural Factors Influencing Dialectical Thinking and Emotional Experience


  2. P.S. Not that I’m suggesting Scotland does not desperately need independence, I’m simply pointing out that if you force Scots law to accommodate gender-ideology, you break the dialectical logic of legal judgement in Scotland, and its connection with cognitive reality. Which is precisely the sort of thing that will keep Scots law standing under Westminster.

    Material Engagement Theory and its philosophical ties to pragmatism


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