Tories unharmed by Dom and Indy parties surge

ANDREW PIERCE: Is battle between Boris Johnson and Dominic Cummings  mutually assured destruction? | Daily Mail Online

From Number Cruncher Politics with 1 001 18+ on 27th and 28th May 2021:


  • Con 44%
  • Lab 32%
  • LD 7%
  • SNP 5%
  • PC 1%
  • Green 8%
  • Reform 2%

This 12% lead is the same as the average lead in the previous four polls before Cummings spoke.


  • Con 24%
  • Lab 3%!
  • LD 5%
  • SNP 55%
  • PC 0%
  • Green 8%
  • Reform 3%

A pro-Indy lead of 63 to 37 but with a small sample of only 85.

6 thoughts on “Tories unharmed by Dom and Indy parties surge

  1. No great surprise, there. England seems to be happy with their happy, smiling great buffoon leading them.
    Everyone like the person who is the life and soul of the party. Usually that person imbibes too much, get blotto and starts a ruckus.

    Watch for the shite to hit the fan, and for Boris to start a ruckus with someone he thinks he can beat—hopefully this will be Scotland and we will send him homeward–tae think again!

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  2. Note the 8% for Green in England
    However re Boris the Terrible and English liking
    Me thinks it is a straw that shall break this camels back
    Such as Boris taking a swipe @ No 10,s cat and hurtling it through the air leading to the poor creatures serious injury or demise
    All in full vein and live TV
    Such is the moral standing of English society these days.
    If piled up bodies on the streets makes money then that is good and greed demands bigger piles
    But as for a dead cat !


  3. Meanwhile back in the unreal world, a future King of England meets a one-eyed previous “King of Scotland”.
    The poster boy of Royals gets together with the Great Imposter of politics—in secret and Channel4 banned from showing footage ( imagine if Sturgeon tried that)– freedom of the press, did you say?
    You have to wonder who advises “Wills”?
    A front man for Brit Nats, especially the busted-flush of Broonie, is not a recipe for someone who aspires to the Scottish Crown.

    He will just have to content himself with being King of England and Chair-King of England’s footie and rugger associations.


  4. Tories get in in Scotland because of D’Hond’t. FPTP they would not be there. Labour are voting Tory. The ones against Independence in Scotland. Still overwhelming support for Independence supporting parties.


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