Top adviser confirms that NHS England delayed care home vaccinations and thousands died

I’m grateful to reader Fiona McBean who alerted me to the words of top UK Government adviser Jenny Harries who said, on the Marr show last Sunday that:

Because of the temperature issues the Pfizer was given to e.g. health care workers who tended to be younger. The Astra Zeneca went to older groups of individuals who were less able to come into main centres.’

Fiona suggests:

‘This would appear to confirm that in England no effort was made to take Pfizer to care homes and that they waited until the arrival of AZ in the new year as we have suspected all along. Marr didn’t ask the obvious follow-up question . Did the UK Government know that AZ was imminent (without informing the other 3 nations) or did they have no intention of vaccinating the care homes in England until it was easier, regardless of the date?’

NHS Scotland found a way to get the Pfizer vaccine into care homes from mid-December 2020. The consequences for England’s care homes of not doing the same were horrific:

From the 1st of January 2021 until the 26th February, 9 088 care home residents in England died from confirmed Covid-19.

From the 1st of January 2021 until the 28th February, 532 care home residents in Scotland died from confirmed Covid-19.

England has ten times the population so pro-rata might have been expected to have ten times as many deaths, 5 320, but had around 3 700 more.

Had NHS England, followed the JCVI advice and vaccinated care home residents as a priority above all others, 3 700 lives might have been saved.

Who told them not to follow the JCVI advice? Who told NHS Scotland to follow it?

We know. Will the UK media tell everyone else?


9 thoughts on “Top adviser confirms that NHS England delayed care home vaccinations and thousands died

  1. Sounds like Westminster getting their excuse in early. Even before their media wake up and start asking the question that needs an excuse.

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  2. Imho Jenny Harries is a 1st order apparatchik who thinks people are dumb enough to believe her obfuscations/redefinitions regarding herd immunity. She is not an adviser but one advised to shore up WM policy or actions with the air of scientific respectability


  3. The Scottish Gov invested in -80 degree centigrade freezers – around 20 -23 – and sited them around Scotland thus setting up cold hubs ahead of the Pfizer vaccine’s arrival.

    The SG concentrated on the immunisation of Care Home residents and Staff as per the priority list set out by the JCVI. In England the started with the Care Homes but before they were anywhere near completing that group they started on the 2nd and 3rd priority groups – 70s – 80 year olds – just so they could say they were racing ahead. Pure PR. They still have not vaccinated all of the staff in Care Homes. The last figure I saw was 80%.

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  4. No, the media will not tell everyone else, that is the problem.
    You have the PHE angle “massaged” by #10, the Scottish angle “massaged” by #10 via HMS Sarah Smith, just who is better informed to judge should really be the question.
    The majority of England have a credibility gap bigger than the the Grand Canyon into which de PeFeffel’s abundant ego comfortably fits, so why are they so damned worried over a wee wummin fae Drymen.
    Thousands have already died due to the political decisions of a UK/London Mafia, all we learned is it was always somebody else’s fault.
    We will remember our dead, but again we’ll remember their persecutors.


  5. Of course, it needs to be remembered that Scotland’s political union with England did not empower Westminster to dictate Scotland’s legal identity, nor inflict economic and cultural harm on Scotland. That’s only what English Torydum wants you to believe.

    An Intersectionality Informed Analytical
    Framework for Health Inequalities in Europe
    The co-constituting roles of Socio-economic Position,
    Gender, and Migration


  6. Look out for Jenny Harries and her new job! She was recently appointed chief executive of the new UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA). The UKHSA ‘will bring together the country’s cutting-edge health security science capabilities, data analytics and genomic surveillance with at scale testing and contact tracing capability – combining key elements of Public Health England with NHS Test and Trace including the Joint Biosecurity Centre.’


    Note this is an organisation with a substantive UK-wide remit but has Public Health England and England’s Test and Trace embedded within it.

    And then we have this: Wales Online on 23 March 2021 reported that ‘A spokesman for Prime Minister Johnson has refused to deny reports he regrets the way coronavirus legislation was enacted to give significant powers to the devolved administrations.’

    ‘According to The Sun there was a row at the top of Government last March about which legislation should be used to enable the emergency response to coronavirus.

    ‘The Prime Minister was reportedly urged by some ministers and aides not to use health laws to deal with the pandemic as that would allow Scotland and Wales – where health matters are devolved – to set their own path.

    ‘Instead they wanted Mr Johnson to rely on the doomsday 2004 Civil Contingencies Act which gave Whitehall supreme authority for a “catastrophic emergency”.’

    I may be paranoid … but could there be any connection to be drawn between the establishment of a UK Health Security Agency and how the Tories would wish to deal in a more Westminster-centric manner with a future public health emergency?

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