Though surrounded by windfarms Scots pay more for electricity


From SNP Media:

New research shows that Scots electricity consumers are by the far the most financially discriminated against when it comes to the Westminster government’s charging scheme for electricity.

The UK’s current electricity network favours imports at the expense of schemes in the UK – putting at risk the opportunity for green investment, jobs and economic growth in Scotland, and driving up household bills.

The analysis by RIDG (Renewable Infrastructure Development Group) shows that the UK government’s system “favours investment in the south of England and the EU” rather than Scotland, and is ultimately paid for by consumers as part of their bills.

Scottish Renewables have warned that these regulations are “out of date” and “make the development of the renewable energy projects which Scotland needs to supply its energy and drive economic growth less likely, at a time when those projects are more urgently needed than ever.”

SNP MSP Alasdair Allan said:

“Westminster’s energy policy isn’t working for Scottish electricity consumers nor our economic future. This new research clearly highlights how Scotland’s renewables potential is being unjustifiably damaged by Westminster’s approach to transmission charges, which are the highest in Europe by some margin. 

“This means that the cost of energy bills has been inflated by Westminster government policy, and economic growth and job creation has been stunted in Scotland – the part of Europe with the greatest renewables potential. It is perverse that the areas of the country with the highest rates of fuel poverty are those with highest transmission charges under this system.

“Scotland is leading the way on green energy but we are clearly being held back by the Tories at Westminster – who have announced cuts to support for renewables, and now we see further proof that the UK Government’s transmission charges are putting jobs and security of supply at risk.

“It’s high time the UK Government listened to the growing number of voices calling for them to change direction on energy. If the Tories are in any way serious about tackling the climate emergency and ensuring that people living in Scotland are not penalised with higher household bills, this barrier must be removed.”

A map showing the cost of charging can be viewed here:

13 thoughts on “Though surrounded by windfarms Scots pay more for electricity

  1. Generations of “Scottish” Labour, Tory and Lib Dumbs have left Scotland as England’s milch cow.

    No wonder they don’t want to lose us!

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    1. Its like the BBC–Scotland pays for an underfunded, understaffed and inferior service, and also reward Westminster for stealing our national assets.

      Then they have the gall to tell us–you are a basket-case!

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  2. Scotland pays more because it is colder. Despite being in surplus and nearer the source. Scotland pays for Hickley Point a total waste of monies. The Tory slush fund. Chinese/British consortium. Loans for over priced projects with no business case. HS2.

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    1. The ‘colder’ argument was used in relation to cold weather payments, some years ago. Because Scotland has always had lower winter temperatures on average, it was assumed, without any evidence, that our homes were better prepared for the cold, so, the temperature for triggering payments was lower than that, for, say, The ‘Home Counties’.

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    2. Scotland is charged much more by the English government, for transmission charges, nothing whatsoever to do with it being ‘colder’. Have you seen the temperatures in say Norway in winter?? It’s abosolute daylight freakin robbery actually!!

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  3. The SNP need to get this info out there to every household in Scotland. The horrendous situation now, where the English Government are removing funding for renewables in Scotland, while investing (Scotland is paying for that too) in renewables in England is another major reason for Scotland to escape the thieving clutches of the so called UK.

    This undermining and twarting of Scotland’s ambitious plan to cut CO2 and invest greatly in renewables is totally deliberate, no doubt about it at all the EngGov are already punishing Scotland for daring to act like an independent forward looking country.

    I wonder if Nicola Sturgeon can write to every delegate outwith the UK, prior to COP26, just to give em a wee heads up about exactly what the Tories are up to when it comes to energy policy in relation to actually removing funding for renewables in Scotland, pointing out very very clearly that energy is a reserved power to the English Government.

    I wrote to a Libdem MP in Caithness asking what he intends to do about the ‘Flow country’ in Caithness, which has minor environmental protection but has been on the World Heritage ‘tentative list’ since 2012. No reply yet.

    The English government being the ‘country’ that has jurisdiction over which sites are nominated for WH Status in the UK! Take at look at which sites in the UK they have secured that status for.

    I hear that the SNP have plans to invest £millions in regenerating Scotland’s peat bogs, excellent. Some of that money which would have come from the EU had Scotland not been dragged out. Many of Scotland’s peat bogs were drained in the 1980’s to plant pine trees. The reason? It was a UK English government scheme for the rich (in England) to offset (evade) tax, celebs and far as I recall even the queen took advantage.

    Take a look at one such bog, and the importance of it for Scotland, for Europe and the planet. Regeneration project has ended…for now.

    2012, ‘Tenative list’…

    Scotland needs independence before the EngGov remove more powers and start fracking, and removing more of Scotland’s resources to the detriment of the environment and economy of Scotland.

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  4. Is there any way that we can turn off the supply south of the Border or install a mete so we know how much is goingg or comimg to us?
    It is grossly unfair particulary as our electricity is ‘greener’ and why do we have to pay for electricity from Hickley Point?

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  6. So are these windfarms in Scottish Waters???????
    If yes why are Scots paying more than english

    Is this yet another trick on Scots first it a
    Was our oil now our wind next it will be our water

    Rise up all you true Scots and lets get or Country Back


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  7. sorry to hear you scots are paying more, as one comment i saw earlier, could it be because you have long cold weathers? could changing suppliers help?


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