Paul Sweeney, the worst Education Secretary we’ll never have attacks Swinney?

When I saw that, my instant reaction was:

‘A Scottish Labour politician criticises someone in the context of education? I bet he’s been embarrassed before by his lack of educational prowess?’

Readers will remember, Richard Leonard and James Kelly stumbling over something taught in primary school.

Sweeney was a virtual reality engineer of some sort, so good at maths, if not the real world, eh?

I found this, suggesting not, among the forensic files of Wings:

Wait, what?

“For example, had the Tory vote not increased in the way it did at the last general election, Labour would have taken every seat in Glasgow from the Scottish National Party.”

We’re not even sure that Sweeney himself could tell you what that absurd gibberish is supposed to mean. Had the Tory vote not increased in Glasgow in 2017, it would of course have made precisely no difference to the SNP and Labour totals, and therefore the SNP would still have held every seat that they did in fact hold.

(Namely every one except Sweeney’s.)

The only way it’s possible to beat it into some kind of literal semantic sense is if you assume he means “if Tory voters had voted Labour instead we would have won”, which is plainly true of every election ever conducted anywhere – if everyone voted for different parties to the ones they actually voted for, the winners would be different.

Like, duh.

Hands up if you miss this sort of stuff from Wings?


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7 thoughts on “Paul Sweeney, the worst Education Secretary we’ll never have attacks Swinney?

  1. Really hoping that Wings will reconsider his decision to discontinue his blog and get right back into the thick of things. But given the kind of abuse levelled at him almost daily I can understand why he wants to step back.


    1. For months before The Holyrood election he did everything he could to damage the Leader of the SNP and the party. Now that the election is over he’s off air. . . . Nothing to be gained continuing the attacks after the vote! BTW I am not condoning the hurling of any kind of abuse at anyone..
      Peace and Love to all. That’s the way!

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  2. O/T Useful contribution by Tim Rideout of the Scottish Currency Group today (22 May). Entitled “Will the Scottish banks leave Scotland after independence?”, it appears as a guest post on Richard Murphy’s Tax Research site.

    Dr Rideout deconstructs and rebuts the continuing Project Fear scares surrounding commercial banking in an independent Scotland.

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  3. Essentially, Mr Sweeney is endorsing the ‘vote unionist’ argument – in any constituency, if you oppose independence for Scotland, then vote for the unionist party – Tory, Labour or LibDem – who has the best chance of overtaking the SNP.

    The corollary of this for Labour voters is that you are voting to continue the Neoliberal economic policies which have seen significant redistribution of wealth and power from the majority of the population to a small global clique.

    This is a rebranding of Better Together and the Labour Party should reflect on the views of a large section of its pre-2014 voters.

    Labour and the LibDems were the two parties who actually lost seats at the recent elections.

    It is clear that despite the mendacity, incompetence, corruption, racism of the current government its support in England is rising and that of Labour is falling. Labour in the UK has no vision or story to tell and certainly not one on the constitution.

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