Will Talking-up Scotland take Wings?

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I may be getting on a bit but I smell an opportunity here. A few years back, Talking-up Scotland came in 5th in a survey of pro-Independence blogs. I was chuffed.

Tonight, the chart-topper, Wings over Scotland, has withdrawn to spend more time with his collection of sweeties. Tragically, Craig Murray is out of action. The Wee Ginger Dug is recuperating. James Kelly seems robust despite some bruising exchanges and Bella Caledonia remains the brainy one.

The rest don’t register in web traffic apps.

So, 70 in a few weeks, I’m stirring in my bones. Watch out for even more stuff with percentages and graphs to excite the typical TuS reader and any new recruits who have only just discovered the joy of numbers.

Come to papa!

26 thoughts on “Will Talking-up Scotland take Wings?

  1. To be fair John, you do a great job in pointing-out the misinformation pedalled by the mainstream media. However, you cannot replace Wings, since – with respect – you have not yet wakened-up to what a crew of absolute lying chancers is currently leading the SNP.

    We are never going to get independence under the Murrells.

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    1. Nicola Sturgeon’s name is not Murrell and you showed your misogynistic colours by making her nothing more than an attachment of her husband. And that is why ToS does have a shot at rising readers, because he doesn’t do hate sh!te.

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      1. All the best in the blog charts John. 🤞
        On another topic I see evidence in the comments to this blog that the schism within the movement is yet again evident. It has knackered WoS, a once much loved and respected blog, is now attacking the dug. None of this is good for the movement. Why can’t people accept others point of view? No need for verbal assertiveness.

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  2. You have a great blog. No one is better at pointing out the lies in the MSM. Scot Goes Pop seems to be too busy pimping Alex Salmond and his party to cover any issues. Hopefully in spite of his poor health, Paul will now be able to blog just at a slower pace, but obviously you are likely to do the heavy lifting. Well done, you.

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  3. WoS, no idea what happened there it all went topsy turvy…he must have some sort of income to fall back on though, jumping ship now bye bye…no love lost imo, sadly.
    Plenty work to do for sure. Thanks John for all your hard work for Scotland, you are a star.

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  4. Wings and weeginger ended up slagging off each other. Bit boring.
    It’s a pity Alba did not do better. Voters can be fickle. Carry on to Independence. Beat the Tories things will be better.

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    1. I think it is unfair to bracket Paul Kavanagh (Wee Ginger Dug) with Stuart Campbell of Wings. Mr Kavanagh has eschewed ad hominem attacks and has attempted continually, to bring about conciliation and received vitriol in return.

      Undoubtedly, Wings played a significant role in raising support for independence, but, Mr Campbell’s personality and obsessions made the site dysfunctional.
      I wish him well and hope he can recover a degree of equanimity.

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  5. More power to your elbow auld yin! I did the 70 thing two years ago. It wisnae sore (although lots of other things were).

    Personally I don’t think WoS will be missed. Despite his earlier good work he had lost his way and recently he was just an abusive, bitter old tart.

    I was never fully comfortable with him being based in Bath while condemning Scottish Labour, Tories and LibDems for having their HQs in England.


  6. Fare thee well, then Wings. You were first class for a while, but that was a LONG while ago.
    Scotland will progress with less confrontational blogs; with home-based advocates of self-rule.
    Perhaps Wings will come again.
    MI5 need a propaganda “voice”, and a “voice” that helps divide and rule.
    It would be naive to think there are NOT a whole bunch of “plants” in the independence movement–I have my own private list.

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  7. Yes, more power to your keyboard!

    Wings, sadly, became consumed by the personal obsessions of the writer. The hatred being spewed out – some had always been there from before 2014 – increased exponentially when he became diverted by the gender recognition debate.


  8. Don’t you see? The Westminster power base is doing it’s work. Get us disagreeing amongst ourselves, and we will never gain our independence.
    Since watching my parents signing the 1950/1951 Scottish Covenant asking for Home Rule for Scotland, I have been a supporter, and worker, canvassing, leafleting, alongside people of many political leanings, and none, to make us an independent nation once again.
    By all means, once we have gained our independence, form new political parties, and decide the best path forward for our country.
    The words of R.B.C Graham come back to haunt me, ” It won’t be the English who deny us independence, it will be the Scots”.
    I fear I will never see us as an independent nation, and resultantly condemn future generations of Scots to London rule for the foreseeable future.
    Hopefully I’m wrong, and if I’m still able, I’ll be on the streets in the next couple years campaigning successfully for Scottish Independence.


  9. You do a great job which is much appreciated but I couldn’t believe the news about Wings. He will be sorely missed and I just hope some day all the naysayers will properly recognise his outstanding contribution to the cause of Scottish independence.

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  10. I was bullied by BBC over academic report on indyref bias – the Scottish media blackout must end
    John, Ever since I saw you wipe the floor with these fannys I have followed you,so please keep up the great work you do.as for Wings I lost faith in him a while ago I think his ego had got the better of him.

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  11. I always make a point of signposting people to TuS (and to Lesley Riddoch’s essential podcast). Your work is invaluable, John, and needs the widest possible audience. I still pine for the good old days when Wings exposed the Brit media, but latterly it’s been rabid and I’m happy to see the back of him. When his content is being quoted by Ruth Davidson, Jackie Baillie and the Spectator you know something is wrong.


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