TWO, just two individuals, out of THREE HUNDRED THOUSAND pupils are apparently stressed by tests

This story featuring on TV, radio and on the website, claims:

Pupils, parents and teachers have described severe stress and even panic attacks over the assessment system currently under way in secondary schools across the country.

No adequate data is presented. All they have are quotes from 2 pupils, one parent, one teacher, one trade unionist and one lawyer.

There are THREE HUNDRED THOUSAND secondary school pupils and they have TWO!

There are TWENTY-FOUR THOUSAND secondary school teachers and they have ONE!

There are around SIX HUNDRED THOUSAND parents of secondary school pupils and they have ONE!

A proper study of stress among school pupils, looking a worsening in adolescent girls’ wellbeing in Scotland found the influences on mental wellbeing are complex and multifaceted. However, the review identified some factors that may be associated with this trend, including increased social media use, poor sleep, worsening body image and increased pressure from school work.

In their conclusions they had least to say about the last one.

2 thoughts on “TWO, just two individuals, out of THREE HUNDRED THOUSAND pupils are apparently stressed by tests

  1. Aye John, neatly summarised and debunked.
    It may be that aside HMS Sarah Smith’s obsession with promoting anything “SG bad”, the Tories are setting the ground for yet another assault on “SG’s failing education system”.

    I don’t recall a decade in my own life where politicians were not top down tinkering with something or other in the education system to politically exploit natural parental concern.
    I don’t recall a single one where politicians didn’t claim they’d instigated a giant leap forward, nor one where front line teaching staff didn’t groan in chorus “Oh God, not more bloody paperwork”.

    With Indy looming large and SNP riding yet another wave of popularity, London will be desperate for fresh mud to throw, bunkum stories such as this included.

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  2. I dunno, ‘under exam conditions’ sounds really harrowing, nasty Nicola imposing education on the kids like that, chilling indeed.

    The rest of us are having panic attacks about the English governments’ draconian treatment of the poorest and most vulnerable, people living under poverty ‘conditions’ in a rich UK. It’s only going to get worse as well, the stress for many people must be off the scale over the past year.

    Don’t worry children, you’ll be well looked after in the new workhouses, and in the military, no more horrible Nicola Sturgeon ‘exam conditions’ anymore. Phew.


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