Scottish Labour’s sickly sob story for the Airdrie by-election


· posted the above sob story letter pleading for votes in the Airdrie & Shotts by-election on the 13th May 2021 and commented:

Yo @ScottishLabour, sending a letter from an 80 year old widow asking for my vote ain’t it. This is absolutely weird behaviour and desperate.

How did it go in the 2019 General Election?

And the former SNP who walked away when ‘you needed your MP most?’ He was based in London in the UK Parliament for you and now he’s representing roughly the same area in the Scottish Parliament where the pandemic response ‘you needed‘ is run from. So not just sickly but nonsensical.

And John Smith cared about you? He was thinking of greater things than that – leadership.

Scottish Labour have a thing about trying to make voters sob. If it’s not wee girls dying in hospital, it’s the elderly supposedly dying because of hospital discharges. Facts don’t matter, just moisture.

7 thoughts on “Scottish Labour’s sickly sob story for the Airdrie by-election

  1. This is not even a letter written by Mrs Smith and then copied , its completely fake it has been constructed on a laptop right from the beginning , handwriting option on laptop chosen.
    Check the third last paragraph “ that is where is heart lies “ …is ?

    Whoever typed it up mis-typed “his” , they missed the “h”
    Mrs Smith knows perfectly well how to type “ his”
    Even at eighty she would never ever write “is” instead of “his”

    So not only is this letter sickening , its a fake.

    Im sure Mrs Smith gave her permission for it to be in her name but she certainly did not write it.

    Labour have always been fake , always trying to hoodwink the people.

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  2. Cringeworthy to say the least, a begging letter from a rich woman. No mention of exactly what ‘,Kenneth’ will actually do for the people of Airdrie and Shotts, just ‘fight for’.
    Always good at conning the people, Labour branch office in Scotland.
    No thanks, Scotland knows all about your empty words and dirty tricks. Byeee Liebour.


  3. I wonder if that young , up and coming BBC reporter Sarah Smith might manage to get some traction out of this ‘widow’s mite ‘ ?
    If only someone could put her in touch with this old lady , she might get a heart-warming piece for the Misreporting Scotland show soon .

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  4. More people will vote SNP, after getting the letter. It must be illegal gerrymandering. The SNP Gov have vaccinated all the elderly keeping them alive. Not reminisce about illegal wars killing and maiming people. Labour the only party not to support MUP. Labour in with the Tories at every opportunity.


  5. Aye John, your final paragraph fairly sums it up…
    If such antics had any positive effect you might reasonably expect signs of it in voting patterns, but none is in evidence. The once omnipotent Labour Party in Scotland is reduced to a minority where nonsense supplants no nonsense pragmatism.

    To what extent specialist advisors are dictating such strategies none of us will know, but it’s clear Labour, Tories and HMS Sarah Smith despite having lost credibility, are intent on losing what remains.

    It is hard to fathom why they believe Scots are so thick as to be manipulated or are not offended by the presumption they might be, but clearly they do.


  6. Given the relative success of the unionist parties in the constituencies in last week’s Holyrood elections, will we see significant tactical voting to seek to defeat the SNP.

    The 8 430 Tory and LibDem votes if they all switched would put Labour ahead of the SNP, assuming all do so, that there has not been a drift to the SNP and that the turnout is unchanged.

    It will be worthwhile checking that ‘dark money’ is not being deployed, undeclared, as Open Democracy has uncovered in relation to Dumbarton, Aberdeenshire West, etc last week.


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