Not doing things TO Scotland

How SNP's Kate Forbes stitched up Scottish Greens over 'free buses for  under-19s' – Murdo Fraser | The Scotsman
Picture: Jane Barlow/PA Wire
From SNP Media:

Commenting on reports in today’s Times that the UK Government are seeking to bypass the Scottish Parliament and spend money directly in devolved areas in an attempt to shore up support for the union, Kate Forbes has said that if there is more funding to be made available for spending in Scotland, then it should be provided to the Scottish Government through the usual channels.
Kate Forbes said:
“It is unsurprising that the Tories are in panic mode in response to last week’s emphatic SNP election victory, but they need to realise that ‘working together’ involves doing things with Scotland – not doing things to Scotland. 
“The SNP won the election on the back of a clear plan to lead Scotland through the COVID crisis and into a recovery, including a full-scale remobilisation of the NHS. 
“If there is funding available to support the SNP Government’s recovery plans on devolved areas such as health and infrastructure, then it should come to Scotland through the established channels – to try and circumvent this process in response to an SNP landslide is frankly bizarre and rides roughshod over the devolved settlement Scotland voted for. 
“Of course if the Tories finally want to deliver on their end of the bargain on infrastructure projects like delivering High Speed Rail on the East Coast, projects which require them to take action in the rest of the UK, then we would welcome them getting on with their job.
“Far from increased investment, people in Scotland know that the reality of Tory rule over Scotland has been a decade of austerity and increasing threats to cut even more from public spending, and increasing attempts to muscle in on devolved spending areas with vanity projects like a Boris Bridge.
“Last week’s election result means there is a new reality in Scottish politics, and the longer it takes the Tories to realise that, the more they make the case for all decisions about Scotland being taken in Scotland.” 

5 thoughts on “Not doing things TO Scotland

  1. In the 300+ years of this woeful Union I am struggling to think of any time or instance where Westminster has legislated for anything that has benefitted Scotland alone. Therefore I’m pretty sure any additional funding will come with Red, White & Blue ribbon securely attached and directed at areas where support for SNP is at its weakest. All continuing with their ultimate goal of colonising Scotland.

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  2. The Tories have a lot of spending to do.
    Levelling up in N.England which they left behind,NHS recovery estimated at £100 billion and now Buying Back Scotland.
    They can’t do that and have an austerity agenda,so it will be interesting to see which ones get the chop.

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  3. It’s a sair fecht, but English culture will need to bend so as accommodate non-(white) non-English modes of being British, if it hopes to retain its UNION with Scotland. Scotland’s political will is clearly at odds with English Torydum, and government through force, a.k.a. eugenics, does not support sustainable democracy.

    Forensic Psychiatry, Neuroscience, and the Law


  4. O/T You have to smile! Listening to the BBC 1 news at 6pm this evening, the anchor introduced a piece from “the BBC’s specialist disinformation reporter”.

    I suspect in some quarters this job title conjures up something a bit different from what is intended!

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  5. The Tories are advocating more austerity. They are spending £Billions more on Defence and Trident. How is that going to work. The Brexit mess unfolding. It is just so wrong. The Westminster unionists do not have a clue.

    People in Scotland vote SNP and for SNP policies because they support essential services and good projects. They put forward a manifesto and do everything to keep the policies. The Barnett Formula has been taking monies out of Scotland for years.

    Kate Forbes is really good. She tells them. Jo was telt the other day. She backed down.


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