BBC propaganda by ‘balance’ and euphemism to hide both right-wing extremism and SNP/Yes decency

In 2014, peaceful Yes supporters, men, woman and children, were physically assaulted by a fascist mob of men celebrating the No result in the referendum.

BBC Scotland suggested it had been a fight between two equally-responsible ‘rivals.’ Here are the NO supporters:

Today, BBC Scotland again implies an equal ‘clash’, this time between the SNP leader and a right-wing but still allegedly democratic candidate. Here she is:

Facebook bans pages of Britain First and leaders Paul Golding and Jayda  Fransen

Keir Starmer is right-wing. This woman is a fascist or at best extreme-right wing:

Jayda Kaleigh Fransen is a British far-right activist, politician and convicted criminal. Formerly involved with the English Defence League (EDL), she left due to its association with drink-fuelled violence.[3] She then joined the far-right fascist political organisation Britain First. With Paul Golding as Leader, Fransen served as Deputy Leader from 2014 to 2019. She became acting leader for six months from December 2016 to June 2017, while Golding was imprisoned in December 2016. Fransen was an unsuccessful candidate in the 2014 Rochester and Strood by-election and 2016 London Assembly election. In addition to online anti-Islamic activism, she has marched while holding a white cross, in what she called “Christian patrols”, through predominantly Muslim populated areas of Britain. In March 2018, she was sentenced to 36 weeks imprisonment after being convicted of three counts of religiously aggravated harassment.

Fransen harassed Nicola Sturgeon, shouting and getting too close physically. Sturgeon did not ‘clash’ with her. She had the courage to stand up to a nasty fascist.

BBC Scotland hiding the truth from you, day after day.

13 thoughts on “BBC propaganda by ‘balance’ and euphemism to hide both right-wing extremism and SNP/Yes decency

  1. Their emblem (The Jack) increasingly being associated with violent oppression.
    They have no place in a modern democracy and as we are about to find out here in Scotland,neither have England’s Tories.

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  2. Aye, when the National alternated this as the lead report with one about dogs outside polling station, I was most thoroughly amused…

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  3. Prof. Of politics at Edinburgh Uni. James Mitchell. Last night on ITV news. ” A Pro independence majority in Holyrood won’t count as much as an SNP majority” . . . Now why is that? He’s doing the dirty work for Unionists there!

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    1. ” A Pro independence majority in Holyrood won’t count as much as an SNP majority” . . . Now why is that? He’s doing the dirty work for Unionists there!

      Surely that’s better?

      Because, no it isn’t only SNP loonies that want Independence. It’s a cross-party thing. You know, like the 2 UNANIMOUSLY APPROVED pieces of legislation we’re being taken to court about.

      Not that the yoons will play it that way.

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  4. Pravda-lite agitprop from a non-neutral source.

    Wait till indyref2 and watch Brown “promise” federalism and Home Rule–again. Darling nodding YES to Devo Max–again.
    A train load of BBC Unionist hacks talking mince about Scotland and the “separatists”(sic).
    Deja Vu all over again with bells (Quasi-Hobo of Downing St) and whistles (DRossy).

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  5. I watched this confrontation on twitter , the recording started with this woman fransen running to where Nicola Sturgeon was standing.
    Nicola Sturgeon crossed the road
    This woman and a group of her followers went with her over the road following Nicola Sturgeon at which point their was verbal exchange all i could hear was Nicola Sturgeon saying South of Glasgow wont have anything to do with you because you are a racist and a fascist.

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  6. Brexit is a perfect example of how the far-right operate. First you traumatise and prime the population through austerity, while stimulating welfare chauvinism through racist propaganda. Then Bob’s your auntie, Scotland is dragged out of the EU to appease right-wing English nationalism. As the union wasn’t a union apparently, it was Scotland’s bill of sale to England.

    The Rise of the Right: English Nationalism and the Transformation of Working-Class Politics


  7. Brexit unfortunately indicates that contemporary Scottish ‘nationalism’ is compatible with multiculturalism, where as contemporary English “nationalism” is not. This is because the far-right have managed to penetrate mainstream English politics (see Farage), and the tail is now wagging the dog. So Scotland must find a route to a better future, as authoritarian English xenophobia is no basis for constitutional democracy or justice.


  8. I’ve mentioned state sponsored cultural erasure before, which I sure most readers will at least be conscious of. Well if Scotland allows Westminster to redefine the constitutional status of Scots as being subourdinate to England’s wishes (see Brexit), that’s exactly what Scots will be endorsing. Which is not consistent with how the British constitution is grounded in international Treaty law, where English majoritarianism is prohibited. And that’s why I’ve pointed out that all Scots are agents of international law, even if we are denied access to it by standing under Westminster. Paradoxically, Westminster obtains its legal force over Scotland, from international law, so long as it has the approval of Scots. Both of which Westminster will happily flout, if it challenges the principle of Parliamentary sovereignty and the institutional Torydum that characterises the British state.

    new choice
    after Brexit


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