‘There is nothing that Scotland cannot achieve’

Fergus Ewing promoted by Nicola Sturgeon despite bullying allegations

From SNP Media

The SNP today said that experienced leadership is essential for Scotland as we continue to emerge from the pandemic.

With the next set of decisions about Covid and a potential relaxation of the rules, including on meeting people in private homes, to be made just days after the election, First Minister Nicola Sturgeon urged voters not to take a chance on Scotland’s progress, as she asked voters to back her for First Minister.

The next review of Covid restrictions, which could see society open up further on 17th May, is due to take place immediately after the election.

First Minister and SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon said:

“The first job of a newly elected government will be to decide on whether we are ready to lift restrictions even further on the 17th May. That’s why I believe Scotland needs serious leadership for serious times.

“I am confident that the country is on the right track, and we will be able to take further steps to free up society and allow our economy to begin to recover.

“With infection levels low and over 60% of people in Scotland having had their first dose of the vaccine, and over 1.2million having had their second dose, we are moving in the right direction but we must protect that progress.

“We have come together over the last year to get through the pandemic together, with people going to extraordinary lengths, whether working in our NHS, frontline services, working and schooling from home or making huge personal sacrifices.

“If we apply the same approach to recovery, and all come together to build a better, fairer society then there is nothing that Scotland cannot achieve.

“I am ready to get down to work, backed by a strong SNP government, to do what I can to get Scotland through the pandemic and into recovery.

“By voting SNP in the constituency vote on Thursday and SNP on the regional vote on Thursday we can protect the progress we have made and ensure a strong, experienced government to keep Scotland on the right track.”


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3 thoughts on “‘There is nothing that Scotland cannot achieve’

  1. The idea that Dross,Sarwar or Rennie might be in charge of our public health policy should be enough for most people not to vote for them.
    I think that the last year has demonstrated to Scots that health trumps wealth when it matters.
    So….we shall see.

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  2. Better voting SNP/ALBA to hoover up the list vote. Get rid of the Tory/Unionists. So Scotland can live in peace and prosper. Help the world vote for Independence. Stop Scotland resources and revenues being wasted.

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