Sarwar lies shamelessly: ‘She has made the same mistakes as the UK Government, and in the case of the care homes made worse mistakes!’

This is the man thought by several commentators to have done well in the campaign, telling a monstrous lie.

In the Herald:

Nicola Sturgeon is guilty of worse mistakes than the UK Government in her handling of the pandemic, Anas Sarwar has said. The Scottish Labour leader said the First Minister deserved credit for some aspects of the Scottish Government’s response, but also got “some major, major things wrong”.

His exact words:

On some of the big issues, she has made the same mistakes as the UK Government, and in the case of the care homes made worse mistakes.

For that to be true, for Boris Johnson to have made better choices on care homes, what evidence might he need?

In the first wave, Scotland had to follow the SAGE advice as part of the 4 Nations approach until the devolution of powers at the end of March, yet by its end in the Summer of 2020, Stirling University research revealed a far higher death rate in care homes in England.

In the second wave, as England chose not to follow the JCVI advice to the letter and vaccinate all care home residents as quickly as possible, based on ONS and NRS data, they suffered twice the death rate.

Over the whole pandemic, for all groups, UK Government data show England’s death rate to have been 36% higher.

Of course, Sarwar, wishes to ignore all that and focus instead on his ‘common sense’ analysis of the discharges from hospital into care homes allegedly causing the outbreaks we know were caused by the over-use of agency staff in under-staffed, over-crowded, corporate homes. But, even if we, for only a moment forget that, ‘worse mistakes’ than Boris on hospital discharges? Sarwar knows this:

PMQs: PM told to justify moving patients into care homes

Francis Elliott, Political Editor | Sean O’Neill, Chief ReporterThursday May 14 2020, 9.00am, The Times

Boris Johnson was under pressure last night to justify his claim that there was a system of testing for patients discharged from hospitals into care homes. The prime minister rejected an allegation from Labour that he had misled MPs over official guidance which said that infection of residents was “very unlikely”. He told the Commons that it was “not true that the advice said that” and he claimed that the government “had a system of testing people going into care homes”.

A man who will tell a lie likely to cause deep emotional upset in the relatives of the dead is not a man to be trusted in government.

He affects the manner of the Sixth-year prefect, trusted by the Head Teacher, but it’s all a performance concealing thoughts and behaviour, worse than that of Douglas Ross.

6 thoughts on “Sarwar lies shamelessly: ‘She has made the same mistakes as the UK Government, and in the case of the care homes made worse mistakes!’

    1. These “very untrustworthy characters” these disgrace’s to democracy” are the last political defence of England retaining control over it’s colony.

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  1. Sorry to disagree John but the second wave had begun before vaccinations had rolled out, stewartb’s graph (last week?) on excess deaths showed reduced peaks for Scotland VS England, that of the second wave an even more pronounced reduction.

    However, you nailed Sarwar’s biggest lie of all “On some of the big issues, she has made the same mistakes as the UK Government, and in the case of the care homes made worse mistakes” – he has been hawking this sack of nonsense around the media doors for months believing this gives him some political edge, that it is amplified by the likes of HMS Sarah Smith only confirms it to be a lie, that is their sole function.

    I’m convinced with the current regime a formal inquiry will never reveal the true scale of the disaster which visited England’s care-homes, but the excess deaths data indicates it was horrendous.

    Sarwar would be hammered for it normally in the elections, but as branch party leader he’s immune – However, his blatant dishonesty may yet affect the Labour vote with an electorate sick of death of Unionist lies.
    We’ll know soon enough.

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      1. Possibly, but following the JCVI guidance doesn’t as the peak had passed, it did however effect a much more rapid drop in rates.

        However, what we oft forget is the significance of Scots adhering to the guidelines and the highly effective test & trace system, this kept levels down with only the occasional excursion (Marr’s infamous cherry picking), and goes a long way to explaining the differences between Scotland and England outcomes.

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    1. Well said Bob, the Brit stooges have been recycling two specific lies, both thoroughly debunked, since day one – the Nike conference and the discharges into care homes.

      English death rates in care homes were so bad their chosen solution was to stop counting them. The thing about the British state is every single thing they say and do is either dishonest, incompetent or both.

      Their management of covid was incompetent.

      Their concerted effors to always report ‘UK’ death rates so the English population couldn’t see how badly they were doing was dishonest.

      The revisionint history Anus Starwars is peddling is incompetent and dishonest.

      And with talk of legal action and partition we can add ‘sinister’ to the list for a trio of UK tropes that define their every action and motive.


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