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From SNP Media today:

The SNP has said “Scotland’s recovery is far too important to leave in Westminster’s hands” – as Boris Johnson tells his Cabinet to prepare for cuts.

The Prime Minister has ordered Tory Cabinet Ministers to undertake a “savings and efficiency” review of UK government departments ahead of the Spending Review.

It follows the Tory decision to impose a public sector pay freeze, Universal Credit cuts, and tax hikes on millions of workers at the Budget in March.

Meanwhile, Scottish Secretary Alister Jack is one of five Tory Cabinet Ministers who have joined a new hard-right lobby group called the Free Market Forum, which aims to “make the case for a return to a smaller state… as soon as possible”. The other members include Home Secretary Priti Patel, International Trade Secretary Liz Truss, Business Secretary Kwasi Kwarteng, and Work and Pensions Secretary Therese Coffey.

Commenting, SNP Westminster Leader Ian Blackford MP said:

“It’s now beyond doubt that Boris Johnson is paving the way to impose another decade of devastating Tory austerity cuts against Scotland’s will.

“Scotland’s recovery is far too important to be left in Westminster’s hands. By voting SNP on 6th May we can put Scotland’s future in Scotland’s hands, so we can build a strong, fair and green recovery and a more equal society.

“We all know what happened after the last economic crash. Instead of building a fairer society, the Tories imposed a decade of cuts and Brexit, pushing millions of people into poverty and causing long-term harm to Scotland’s economy.

“The Tories have already begun imposing cuts, yet again, with a public sector pay freeze, tax hikes and Universal Credit cuts at the UK Budget – hitting millions of people, and squeezing Scotland’s budget.

“Now hard-right Tory Cabinet hawks are looking to go further by cutting back our public services ‘as soon as possible’ and cementing inequality for decades to come.

“Scotland must not sleep-walk into another decade of Tory austerity – and only by casting both votes for the SNP on 6th May can we re-elect Nicola Sturgeon as First Minister and build a fair recovery with Scotland’s future in Scotland’s hands.”


Notes for editors:

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  1. The Tories have increased military spending £5Billion. They plan to spend £Billions on Trident. Increased missiles. They are taking off on a naval rampage towards Chinese waters.

    They have had to increase universal credit. To stop people starving. After spending £Billions on bureaucracy cutting it. They are a complete and utter shambles.

    Any more austerity and the bodies will be piling up. Instead of a gradual easing out of lockdown. The deficit this years has been £300Billion. The highest since the war. The war debt was only paid off in 2016. They have a long time to do it. If they behaved responsibly.

    Stop illegal wars, tax evasion and financial fraud. Get a better deal with the EU. Or resumed membership. It will happen in the future. Younger people support it. The majority support it. After the fraudulent Brexit Ref.

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    1. The English government are about to cut universal credit in their planned austerity budget. Scotland’s most vulnerable will be hit hardest by a government next door, imposed on them. The so called union is an affront to democracy, and an affront to humanity.


  2. The hard right free marketeers and
    Neo liberal capitalism is NOT failing
    Because it has already spectaculary
    Today the co2 levels in the atmosphere
    Are exactly at the same concentration
    As when sea levels were 22 metres higher than today
    So we only now await the consequences of such failure


  3. Yes , i noticed that my civil service pension is getting a half percent rise this year.

    Between the three quarter million english people living in scotland and the tory people in scotland they only account for about 1.5 million “NO” voters.
    They got just over 2 million to vote NO in 2014

    Labour voters in Scotland need to accept that the days of Socialism in UK are gone forever its never coming back , wake up to the reality that the Labour party across UK has been usurped by politicians who are as tory as the tories in Boris Johnston,s cabinet.


  4. “Labour voters in Scotland need to accept that the days of Socialism in UK are gone forever its never coming back , wake up to the reality that the Labour party across UK has been usurped by politicians who are as tory as the tories in Boris Johnston,s cabinet.”

    But just because Socialism is gone from the UK doesn’t mean it needs to disappear for ever from Scotland. Does it?

    I think the SNP needs to make it clear that anybody who wants a proper socialist Labour/(?)Lib Dem – or even a proper Conservative (though not Unionist!) party in Scotland needs independence as much as anybody else. If they don’t feel that they can ‘lend’ their vote, maybe they should not vote at all.

    It’s not fair that so many people don’t have a REAL Scottish party to vote for…

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  5. The irony about AUSTERITY is that all those cuts ( which the poorest had to bear ) did NOT improve the financial position of the UK – the UK’s debt nearly doubled during the first round of austerity ( approx £2.1 Trillion today ) and yet we were told that the country HAD to impose cuts .
    Another round of TORY AUSTERITY will be even more damaging to the lives of millions of the most vulnerable – but who the f*ck cares in the TORY PARTY ?

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    1. I recall speaking to an Australian woman on the Tube in London – must be a couple of years ago.

      She said that after the 2008 debacle, the Oz government gave every Australian over 18 AU$ 1000 to do whatever they wished with. Some put it towards pensions/ mortgage, some saved, went on holiday, renovated, had a really good party… Point was, it didn’t matter what they did with it, it went back into the economy and often generated tax too. Apparently, they didn’t feel the recession anything like the way we did.

      Hmmmm. Would that help kickstart a new Scottish currency…? Mac£, obvs, not AUD! 😀


  6. I agree that we can’t leave it to Westminster, who’ll not treat Scottish recovery as a priority. Why then are the SNP deciding to do exactly that by delaying even thinking about independence for at least 2 years, possibly until 2026. Complaining about what Westminster might do, but making no real attempt to do anything about it. Oh dear.


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