Labour steps up attacks on 'Tory sleaze' – but will it cut through to  voters? | Conservatives | The Guardian
Photograph: John Sibley/Reuters

From SNP Media:

The SNP has today challenged Douglas Ross to “break his deafening silence” on the growing Tory sleaze scandal engulfing Westminster, condemn the texts for contracts arrangements of his boss Boris Johnson and back a full independent inquiry.

SNP Depute Leader Keith Brown said it was “utterly shameful” that the Scottish Tories had gone into hiding over the scandal, which has seen Boris Johnson, Rishi Sunak, David Cameron, Matt Hancock, and other senior Tory figures under fire over Tory donors and friends being handed contracts, special access, treatment and peerages by the Tory government at a cost to the public of millions of pounds.

Commenting, SNP Depute Leader Keith Brown said:

“Douglas Ross must finally break his deafening silence on the growing Tory sleaze scandal engulfing Westminster, condemn these seemingly dodgy deals and back calls for a full independent enquiry.

“The public have a right to know why Tory donors and friends have been handed contracts, special access, tax breaks and peerages by the Tory government, with the cost to the public purse extending to at least millions of pounds. It absolutely stinks.

“And the silence from the Scottish Tory leader shows he is unwilling or unable to call out his bosses on their behaviour.

“This scandal involves the most senior figures in the Tory party – with Boris Johnson, Rishi Sunak, David Cameron and Matt Hancock all implicated. There must be full transparency to root out cronyism and restore trust in government – and that is only possible through a comprehensive independent inquiry to get to the bottom of this.

“It is utterly shameful that the Scottish Tories have gone into hiding on this serious issue. If Douglas Ross had any integrity he would call out his Tory colleagues behaviour and back a full independent inquiry without delay.”


    1. “Silence is golden for Dross”

      Maybe P1uk – but DRoss’ would *definitely* be golden for me!

      OTOH, the more he speaks, the more people see his party for what it is. I hope.


      1. They say, when you work with animals, you get to be just like them.

        The coo’s ken when its time to go to the byre for milking time–instinctively.

        DRossy knows when its time to milk the public purse with his multi -jobs—Tory-boy training kicks in!


  1. I’d have thought the more silence from Dross the better for Scotland’s health and well-being. I’m a bit of a mentalist though, who feels it’s not prejudiced to point out you can’t trust a Tory. Which is a cognitively rational perspective, as human behaviour is to a large degree predictable. And the Tories do have a lot of previous.

    Theorizing political psychology:
    Doing integrative social science under the condition of


  2. The Tory office branch in Scotland would be seriously punished if they were to even mention their masters’ corruption at their London head quarters.
    The Tories are not averse to chucking dissenters out of the party. The troughers in their Scottish branch are paid a very very lucrative sum from the public purse, to do exactly as their masters in London tell them, it’s Westminsters way, or the highway!

    The sickening thing here is that a load of rich imbeciles are actually in government in London, in England, that they are openly corrupt, and actually profitting from a pandemic, as well as allowing more than 100,000 thousand to actually die. Add to that the fact that people in England would vote then in again, and well, Scotland you are so much in peril if you do not vote in a majority for independence in two weeks time.

    Let’s hope there is no tampering with votes, postal votes etc as well, because put nothing past the British Nationalist state, they are capable of playing very dirty indeed.

    Here is another wee snippet from Jamie Jauncey, worth a watch and share.

    The only thing I would say is that Scotland will have no green recovery or any sort of recovery at all, unless independence is secured. The Greens are very much about a green recovery, climate change etc, but if still shackled to the so called union, Scotland will see the opposite happen, no doubt at all about it.

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  3. Labour and Tory across the UK are the same , the same sort of people doing the same stupid things with the same uncaring selfish attitude that causes death ,hunger poverty homelessness and other miseries .
    If you vote Labour or Tory i put you in the same category , there is no way anyone in this country is unaware of the evils of Labour and Tory politics


  4. DR £150,000 expenses + salary + perks. On the take. Looking for another job. Two job Tory. In Holyrood. Additional. Sleaze. 3 job Tory. That’S why they join the Tory Party to misuse and misappropriate public monies. Even in a pandemic they are trying to capitalise. Wasting and misappropriating £Billions. HS2 and Hickley Point etc the Tory slush fund. Cameron the Chinese-British consortium. On the take. Wasting £Billions that could be better spent.

    UK yearly debt is £300Billion+. The highest since the war. The WW2 debt was only paid off in 2016. Brexit was so Tories and their associates could tax evade. Illegally.. The illegal wars cost £Trns ruined the world economy. Migration into Europe led to the excuse for Brexit.


  5. There is a need for proper total abstinence rehab facilities. So women and itgers can overcome addiction and not lose their children. Children can end up in poverty because of family addiction problems. There are kinship payments to keep children in the family and not in foster care. State care has gone down. People in foster care get addition care payments until they are twenty+ . The get additional education grants and do not pay council tax.

    Rehab care should be kept under the SNHS so Drs can refer people. Not social care. Councils put people on methadone for years. People can take other substances and die. Proper total abstinence rehab care can keep people healthy and alive. For everyone person who gets healthy and leads a better life. 9 other people benefit including women and children. Grannies, grandad and other relatives do not need to look after grandchildren. Or have relatives die.

    Less funding is needed long term for SNHS, social care, police, fire etc. Spend £Millions to save £Billions. MUP has made a difference. To alcohol consumption. It has decreased. Keeping people more healthy.


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