UK Covid death rate 8 times higher than India

I watched Channel 4’s special report from India. It was misleading, because India is experiencing far lower levels of infection and death than the UK did in January or over the whole pandemic:

Cases are climbing fast in India but per head of population, the level remains far lower than in the UK or England in January 2021.

Over the space of the year, the accumulated level of infection is even more notably lower:

Deaths, even more so, are currently, not significantly higher at 0.1 per 100K in India and 0.04 per 100K in the UK.

Over the space of the year, the accumulated level of death is so relatively low, it shocks:

190 deaths per 100K in the UK but only 13 per 100K in India.


Obesity is the main risk factor, more than age, for a Covid death. Relatively speaking there is little obesity in India. That we have a far superior health system seems to matter little.

Why do the UK’s MSM report in this way?

A mixture of racism, exceptionalism and a reluctance to blame a government claiming to have saved us all by getting in smart and grabbing the vaccines? Tories are good at something.

2 thoughts on “UK Covid death rate 8 times higher than India

  1. Almost all UK reporting over Covid has been distorted for London’s political ends, they went to extraordinary lengths to mute information over infections and deaths not just in England but it’s regions, you only knew things were really bad when they began pointing at Scotland to divert public attention.
    I recall on one such occasion comparing the worst affected area in Scotland (Falkirk?) with a London borough (Lewisham) to find London suffering over double the issues, yet the media was all “Disaster in Scotland”.

    Looking at India’s problem on national figures disguises the severity of local outbreaks, in Lewisham equivalents they are strapping patients down to intubate without anaesthetic because they’ve run out, such is their desperation.

    What we learned from the rise of the Kent variant was not just how much more difficult it became in the UK and beyond to fight it, but the ability of the UK government to control the media and misinform the public.
    The Indian double mutation and it’s impact are not yet understood, but we should view any of the UK’s media presentation with considerable scepticism.

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