From SNP Media today:

Nicola Sturgeon will today (Monday) describe the SNP’s plans to deliver a wraparound system of childcare as truly transformational for working families – and a central pillar in efforts to deliver a sustainable national economic recovery after the pandemic. 

Speaking while campaigning in Ayr today, the SNP Leader will hail the expansion of childcare already undertaken by the SNP, leaving the system “almost unrecognisable” from that which the government inherited.

With the expansion of childcare to 1140 hours to be completed by August this year, the SNP manifesto sets out plans to go even further by delivering a system of wraparound childcare – providing year-round care before and after school. 

The least well-off families will pay nothing, with others being asked to make a fair and affordable contribution.

Free early years education will also be expanded to all low-income 1 and 2 year olds. 


  1. Women who co habit (majority) do not have equal with othe4 women. They have to put in a claim and fight through Courts. There is little legal aid. It has t be paid back in any case. It can cost £thousands. Women are having to stay in unhealthy, abusive situations, affecting children. The Law has been changed in England. Women longer lose their houses or their home because of legal fees. Changing the Law to give women equal rights would change the situation.


  2. The welfare and rights of children can not be separated from women’s rights. So I think she’ll also need to ensure the Scottish government doesn’t entrench neo-liberal ideology into Scots law, by insisting that men can actually become women. The most anyone can do is adopt the opposite gender to their biological sex, which the GRA already enables.

    It is a material fantasy to insist that it’s possible to physically change sex. So the proposed GRA amendments will need redrafting, as they conflate sex with gender-identity, and imply it is not only possible to change sex, but to do so simply through self-ID.



  3. Speaking from the practical point of view of experience, genuinely affordable childcare would be a total game-changer for so many.

    Free for the really poor would be even better. To be able to work full-time with no worries not only as to how your child will be safe and cared for, but how it will be paid for would be a godsend to so many.

    Those who may criticise are missing the fact that it’d also be an investment in the economy. More workers with this facility would mean:
    More tax
    More money per household to spend (= boost to economy + VAT)
    Less time off work = greater productivity
    Less stress = less illness = less demands on NHS

    Probably more, but that’ll do.

    Hope there’s more of this kind of thinking post-Indy.


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