Sturgeon, a century ahead of Johnson, is Biden’s type

Reworking George Robertson in 2014, when the New Labour Lord and NATO supremo suggested that ‘Forces of Darkness Would Love Scottish Split from United Kingdom‘, former Tory councillor and MEP, Struan Stevenson warns us:

It is not only the people of Scotland who should witness this spectacle with fear and trepidation. Joe Biden must be pacing the Oval Office in alarm. If the SNP gets its way and succeeds in breaking up the United Kingdom, it would be a geopolitical catastrophe, not only for Scotland and the UK, but also for the United States. The SNP would destroy, at a stroke, the UK’s diplomatic and military capability in the international arena, depriving the US of one of its most important and long-standing allies.

One minute we’re too wee, too poor and too stupid to go it alone, now we’re far too important. I am, of course, not that fussed to be in a relationship of any kind with the US but, for the sake of argument with the likes of Stevenson and any who think it matters, it’s worth countering this daftness

Stevenson’s reasoning is at best, dated. He, not surprisingly as a Tory, ignores the factors that really do threaten any relationship with the US – Brexit and Johnson. First on Brexit, see this from Beatriz Duarte in Eyes on Europe, February 2021:

For the American side of the Atlantic, the UK lost its value because, even when they were the EU’s awkward partner, they still managed to play a central part in engaging the US in European affairs and advocating for US’ policy. In reality, the US “special relationship” with the UK was an extended arm towards the European Union. As for the moment, the Biden Administration and the EU share similar worldviews and challenges for the coming decades, such as the climate crisis and the post-pandemic world. This ideological closeness leads the US to look increasingly to the EU for partnership. As Charles Kupchan, the former National Security Council for European Affairs official said: [Washington] still going to call London, but that call will be lower down in the queue. Britain doesn’t have a seat at the table anymore”.

From Jamestown to Biden: the UK-US (Not So) “Special Relationship”

As for new president, Joe ‘I’m Irish’ Biden and Boris Johnson, things look at best problematic. Johnson’s ineptitude over the border deal and barely concealed contempt for Ireland have prompted anger in Washington. That and the wider schism over EU membership, above, make a good trade deal ever more unlikely. Ryan Heath in Politico, December 2020, suggests:

Boris Johnson is unlikely to seal a trade deal with the U.S. in 2021……And while Biden’s tight-lipped transition team won’t reveal its plans for the U.K., interviews with 16 officials and former officials on both sides of the Atlantic make clear that Brexit has changed the dynamic.

Finally, and this gives me no pleasure, the current First Minister, who has already been to the US to swear fealty and whose whole persona is, by a century, more aligned than Johnson’s with contemporary political thinking in the US and among its allies elsewhere, is just what Biden wants to see.

Scotland in the EU and NATO would serve the US better than Scotland still the UK but out of the EU.

For me though, a better path, clinging less to the US, might be achieved if the victorious SNP was to offer the role of acting Foreign Secretary, pending independence, to a man who knows a bit about the task and who has the guts to insist on putting Scotland’s interests first by opposing imperialist tendencies. There are others in Europe whom he could align us with.

9 thoughts on “Sturgeon, a century ahead of Johnson, is Biden’s type

  1. Biden’s mother was Irish. Jean Finnegan. A migrant from Westminster hostilities. Like many other Scottish migrants who had to flee to the US because of Westminster atrocities. Westminster unionists target the Scottish people and the economy. The illegal Barnett Formula. Scotland paying for what it does not need. Instead of wisely investing in the economy.

    Migrants had to leave Scotland to get a job and more prosperity because of Westminster illegal policies. Depleting the population and the economy. Illegally taking £Billions from Scotland. To pay for the Westminster contamination of the world. Scottish US diaspora 10% of the US population. Enough to swing an election.

    US/UK Illegally bombing and maiming people the world over. Biden was complicit in these policies. The Troops are being withdrawn from Iraq and Afghanistan. Migration policies being reversed to be more compassionate.

    The Balfour Agreement 1917. The Middle East was carved up by Britain/France (US). Picot/Sykes Agreement. 1916. Many migrants moved from Europe/US to occupied Middle East land. The assets taken and democracy reneged upon. Saudi Arabia.. The most repressive regime in the world still supported by the West for backhanded. Sleaze and corruption.

    Johnston and the Monarchy dancing with the Saudis for donations. Supplying illegal weaponry to destroy the world. Against International Law. The Queen’s race horse owning friend locks up and imprisons his family.

    Total corruption at high level. The biggest landowner in Britain. A common criminal breaking International Law with impunity. No universal Suffrage or equal rights.. A feudal society running out of finance. Total hypocrites. The wealth has supplied the population with 4 x 4’s detached houses and maids. 33million pop. (11 million migrants). Running out of gas. With no alternative.

    Patel policies are illegal and break the Law. The Tories graft and corruption plain to see. Breaking the Law at every opportunity. To line their own and associates pockets. Vast amount of public monies wasted. Civil servants now implicated. In the Westminster corruption and sleaze. Killing people.

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  2. Alex Salmond has contacts all over the world. Built up for years. On redial with many administrations. In the EU, US, China and Russia. Broadcasts all over the world. RT rivals Fox News worldwide. More balanced.

    The Chinese Premier came to Scotland first. On a British visit. ‘Scotland the land of invention and discovery’. ‘Britain a small island without Empire’. Britain invaded China. ‘The Opium Wars’. China closed it’s borders. A distrust of foreigners. Japan brutally invaded China.


    1. England’s Tories are ideologically wedded to America’s Republicans,the enemies of the present US administration.
      When they set out on their Brexit trail,they were told that it was a straight choice between the EU or NAFTA.
      The fantasy of recreating an England as a global trading power outside the major trading blocs was simply that and when their benefactor,Trump,was deposed they are now trying to cobble together a deal with the Pacific bloc.
      Our fishermen etc are not going to be impressed with having their market located thousands of miles away.
      Unlike England’s Tories,the world has moved on from the 18th century and in the main realises the benefits of cooperation between nations as a means to economic prosperity.
      The days of exploiting other countries resources through the threat of force are thankfully pretty well behind us,except of course for Scotland who is on the continued receiving end of Tory propaganda and threats.
      Cooperation is not a word that exists in the Tories lexicon,it is either their way or else and they are not going to make friends or influence people with that mind set.
      Scottish culture on the other hand is well suited to being a useful and productive partner in the 21st century global community.

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  3. Yup–according the Farmer-Guru “we is doomed, doomed I tell ya”, if we stop being a colony. Struan Logic, don’t you know?

    Joe Biden will understand where Scotland is coming from. The Joint Chiefs of Staff in the US told the UK to dump its WMDs and concentrate on conventional warfare–the opposite of “Struan Logic”.
    And without England’s Nukes we will be thrown out of NATO, the Free World, trans-Atlantic friendship (even Canada?) and be stuck with the Green, Commie lefties in the EU. “Struan Logic” again.

    And that is without considering the threat from outer space—the Martians is a-comin’.
    And SCOTLAND is defenceless! Argh!

    Quick, send for Lord Baron Robertson and his battalion of Fat Lardly Greedy B’stards who will EAT all the aliens—–sauteed with a nice glass of highly subsidised bubbly.

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  4. “Scotland in the EU and NATO would serve the US better than Scotland still the UK but out of the EU.

    Therefore independence is more likely (not made an impossibility) with Scotland in the EU and NATO.


    It gives me great pleasure that our current (and hopefully future) First Minister has made Independence more likely

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    1. I am not quite sure that is how it works. After all, the most likely route to independence is via a referendum, so it is the Scottish electorate who need to be convinced. After we get by that, then considerations about Biden (if he’s still there – how likely is a man of 77 on election, to do two terms?), NATO and the EU become relevant.
      I’m not sure that giving England notice to quit the Gareloch is going to count for much (other than for the English), as the Americans would rather the UK spent that money on conventional weapons. As for the EU, most countries are in EU but arent nuclear (France being the exception), so if we wont have nuclear weapons on our territory I suspect we would be so not alone.
      What I find interesting is the possibility of Nicola as First Minister and Alex as her Foreign Minister. I think John is right – he would be an excellent appointment – but if he gets elected to Holyrood, will there need to be a door for Nicola to come and go, and another one for Alex? A “wee joke”, but really more tragic than funny!


  5. Harold McMillan dumped the nukes in Scotland. Polaris in the 1960’s. The US did not want the UK to have them. Kennedy was reluctant. The Bay of Pigs caused enough problems. McMillan insisted. He wanted them at Fort William. The Americans wanted them further south.

    Suez Canal disaster 1956. Eden and McMillan were responsible. The US did not support it. The French did not support British EU membership, vetoed. De Gaulle.

    The British would not tell the French the nuclear Secrets. The warheads still stored at US military base in the US. The subs have to collect them. Unstable, unsafe and unaffordable.


    1. Two “secrets” everyone knows.
      1.-Even the loony-tunes (who used to argue for Cornwall or Cumbria) agree that without Faslane/Coulport the boats have nowhere to go in the UK. So are not viable with Scottish independence, unless a huge rent is paid.

      2.-The submarines are “invisible” and therefore a plausible deterrent.
      Not so. For decades the seabed has been littered with 10’s of miles of sonar detectors which can pick up (and therefore identify every boat and its unique aural “signature”) submarines transiting the continental shelfs.
      Not only that, but submerged boats can be tracked by satellite monitoring of minute changes on the surface of the seas. This is now fairly old tech and there will be algorithms systems which advanced countries utilise, and every boat will be known and tracked constantly. One reason boats went under the ice many decades ago to check it out as a hiding place.
      In the event of war, nuke missiles/torpedoes/depth charges will prevent launches of many missiles (though not all).

      And there will be unknown unknowns which we cannot even guess.
      I would hazard to suggest the USA has a built-in override on England’s Trident missiles.


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