SNP promise ‘wrap-around childcare’

From SNP Media this morning:

Nicola Sturgeon will today (Wednesday) set out a revolution in Scotland’s childcare system with wrap-around childcare available all year round and free early years education extended to all 1 and 2 year olds.

She will announce that a re-elected SNP Government will extend childcare to before and after-school, all year-round, with those on the lowest incomes paying nothing – allowing more people to afford to return to work, raising family incomes.

Speaking while campaigning in Glasgow, the SNP Leader will highlight the huge investment the SNP government is making in Early Years, including the expansion of free childcare provision to 1,140 hours, which is set to be completed in August this year.

And, in a further announcement, early years education will be expanded to all 1 and 2 year olds – with children from low-income households set to benefit first.

Nicola Sturgeon is expected to say:

“The last year has been extraordinarily tough on families, and as we build a sustainable recovery from COVID-19, we need to do everything we can to support them.

“In government the SNP has been investing massively in the next generation – from the Baby Box to the roll-out of free school meals or our flagship Scottish Child Payment – and in fact the biggest capital investment made in the last term was in our massive expansion of childcare provision.

“Despite the logistical challenges thrown up over the last year, I am pleased that we will complete the expansion of free, high quality childcare to 1,140 hours by August of this year.

“But that is not the limit of our ambitions. We will build a year-round system of ‘wraparound’ childcare, which will provide care before and after school. We’ll ensure that those on the lowest incomes pay nothing, with others making a fair and affordable contribution. For many, this will make the difference between not being able to afford to work because of high childcare costs and being able to work or work longer, raising family incomes as a result. That’s good for the family finances but it is also good for the national finances as it will help boost the number of people in work contributing more to the economy.

“We will also expand free early years education to all 1 and 2 year olds – starting with children from low-income households.

“By giving both votes to the SNP on May 6th, people in Scotland can elect a government which is absolutely committed to supporting families in tough times – and to securing Scotland’s long-term economic recovery.”

4 thoughts on “SNP promise ‘wrap-around childcare’

  1. The welfare of our children is kind of essential to the future health of our society. So it would help if the Scottish government was able to sort out a coherent policy framework towards children’s welfare, as well as incorporate human rights obligations into Scots law. Which won’t be possible without stepping out from under Westminster, as well as gender-ideology.

    Click to access Tusla_-_Child_Safeguarding_-_A_Guide_for_Policy,_Procedure_and_Practice.pdf


  2. So for a start, the Scottish government could do with seriously re-evaluating the jurisprudence justifying the Yogyakarta Principles. They would also do well to remember that the concept of “woman”, is already well established in law. And that the rights of women are already enshrined in international law and legal practice.

    Female Autonomy vs Gender Identity
    A critical analysis of gender identity in CEDAW jurisprudence and the
    Yogyakarta Principles


  3. From an educational achievement perspective, the greater the investment in early years, the greater is the likelihood of offsetting the problems arising from poverty. This includes greater support for parents (mainly mothers) from pre-birth to when the child is c7/8.


  4. Giving co habiting women equal rights. It would end abuse and poverty affecting children. They have to put in a claim and can pay £thousands in legal expenses. Many cannot afford it. They have stay in unhealthy, abudive situations. Or Lose the roof over their head. In England they now get legal aid without losing their house/home.. It has to be paid back anyway.

    The new educational extension is most welcome and very appreciated by families and carers.


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