SNP has ensured Scotland has fairest, most progressive income tax in the UK

From SNP Media yesterday:

A study by the Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS) has shown that the SNP policies on tax and benefits have created a fairer, more progressive system than is in place in the rest of the UK.

The report explains that low-income households across Scotland gain much more from the SNP’s progressive tax and benefit reforms, including a top-up to the carer’s allowance, more generous housing benefit, and extra payments for families with young children. 

Taken together, these measures will boost the incomes of the poorest fifth of Scottish households by an average of almost 1.5% this year.

The analysis shows that the SNP Government has also given Universal Credit recipients more flexibility in how they are paid, and improvements to the process of assessing entitlement to disability benefits will “make life easier for claimants.”

Commenting, Finance Secretary Kate Forbes said:

“This expert analysis makes clear that the SNP has ensured Scotland has the fairest, most progressive income tax in the UK, with a majority of taxpayers paying less than if they lived in England, Wales or Northern Ireland.

“This report shows the positive consequences of the changes to income tax for many people in society – and is yet more proof of the SNP’s progressive approach to taxation.

“Tory cuts south of the border are hitting low-income families hard – while in Scotland we have taken positive action to protect public services, mitigate against the worst of the Tories’ cuts and properly fund our NHS and schools.

“We are committed to progressive taxation that, as is only right, ensures those who generally earn less are not asked to pay for tax breaks for the wealthiest – whilst delivering fairness for all taxpayers.

“But it is only with the full tax powers of independence that we will be able to protect public services, put money in people’s pockets and secure a strong economic recovery which is in Scotland’s hands – not Boris Johnson’s.” 

4 thoughts on “SNP has ensured Scotland has fairest, most progressive income tax in the UK

  1. Tory quotes :
    ”Scotland is the most heavily taxed part of the Union !” and
    ” Scotland relies on handouts from the UK ! ”

    Depending on the question , these are standard Tory responses when rubbishing Scotland ‘s Government .
    We are more heavily taxed when they are commiserating with businesses in Scotland who are being ”taxed to the hilt” , yet when we spend OUR money on what WE regard as important ( free prescriptions ) they never suggest that extra taxes raised HERE may pay for these .

    Usual hypocrisy from the corrupt Tories .

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  2. The SNP’s Carer Allowance top up is an absolute life saver. Every £1 that the SNP gov have awarded to those who really struggle to make ends meet, is hugely important. Every £ released, to help the vulnerable and poor, is a £ well spent, the SNP should do an ad, counter to Johnsons dreadful ad where he said ‘a £ spent in Croydon is worth more than a £ spent in Glasgow’.
    How dare he use currency to attribute status, it was out and out racism.

    Never again should Scotland tolerate such dreadful racial bias, and divide and rule tactic, especially from such an incompetent illiterate British Nationalist fool as Johnson.

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  3. Only Independence will bring the much needed changes to Scotland. Scotland could be like Norway and raise. £80Billion in revenues.

    Scotland has to pay £4Billion repayment in loans not borrowed or spent in Scotland. Loses £3Billion in tax evasion. Pays £1Billion more for Trident and Defence (not) based in Scotland. Trident dumped without a mandate. Can’t borrow £5Billion to invest in the economy. Growth would pay for itself. Losing EU CAP payments and EU renewable grants and investment. Losing £Billions because of Brexit. £20Billion. Already £59Billion in EU/UK trade exports has been lost, Scotland £5Billion. The nearest biggest market. Brexit catastrophe.

    Co habiting women (majority) do not have equal rights. They have to put a claim in and go to Court, it costs £thousands. Women can lose their house. Their home and it affects children. Women have to stay in unhealthy, abusive situations because they do not have equal rights, increasing abuse and homelessness. Change the Law.

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  4. Everyone has to buy essentials such as basic shopping, rent, utilities etc. The key part of any progressive taxation system is the personal allowance. What disposable income do you have left. The personal allowance should be much higher and tied to the annual “living wage” (not minimum wage, living wage).
    You raise the bands by a few pence and someone in the mid range income is no better or worse off.
    The lower paid have an improved income.
    The wealthier, the more you are above mid range, the more you pay.

    A minimum income threshold is also essential ( unemployed, pensioners etc)

    Tax loopholes must be closed aggressively. Owners of companies paying themselves low wages and high dividends etc. Setting up trusts, charitable status, offshore accounts and hundreds more.

    At the moment Inland Revenue focus their efforts on the majority who already pay their taxes. They do not like the hard work fighting the experts hired by the very wealthy. A few expensive targets and some criminal prosecutions could change behaviours.
    At the moment we have service employees being chased about tips while a hyper market owner gets education grants for his children because his “official” declared salary is low. His sons live in a company flat. They drive company vehicles on which no VAT was paid.

    At the moment you can put £10,000 a year (it was once unlimited) into a pension pot this comes off your salary before tax. This can take you down a tax bracket or if you are at the £100,000 income stop you having a reduction in personal allowance. How many people can take advantage of that benefit?

    I know a tax advisor (expensive) who has this opening line to new clients ” do you promise to tell the truth, the whole truth…unless I tell you differently”

    Progress in Scotland, Yes!. More to do, oh Yes!

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