We have far more GPs and there is no evidence of an ‘exodus’

Before the pandemic, Scotland had far more doctors per head of population than any of the other part of the UK.

I know this data is from 2019, but I’m not aware of a more recent report and, anyway, it’s more than likely that the gap has widened further in Scotland’s favour, after two more years of Tory-rule:

GP numbers by UK region

In today’s Herald, another regular appearance from the GP’s trade union convenor Andrew Bust:

THE impact of the Covid pandemic could leave Scotland with even fewer doctors than it had before, Scotland’s GP leader has warned. Dr Andrew Buist, chair of BMA Scotland’s GP committee, said existing shortages in primary care could be exacerbated by exhausted GPs quitting the profession or taking early retirement when the crisis is over.

What’s his evidence? He has none, as often before.

He says they did a survey in January 2020 with 800 responses but that data has not been analysed because Covid struck.

Hmm. They had a least a month, maybe two, before the pandemic really affected them.

We spoke to retired professor and research methods lecturer, Dr John Robertson, and he said:

With a sample that size, I could have them told what percentage were planning to retire early, in one day.

There is BMA UK survey from September 2020 claiming 1 in 6 will retire. Do these data not suit Buist’s purposes?

8 thoughts on “We have far more GPs and there is no evidence of an ‘exodus’

  1. ‘Reporters’ and statistics. Ignoramuses. Regurgitated nonsense. They are absolutely useless. An embarrassment. Scotland could have an even better SNHS without Westminster unionist colossal interference. Wasting and spending £Billions on HS2, Hickley Point and Trident etc. Instead of essential services.


  2. These ‘leaders’ of professional trade unions with self-important sounding names get unquestioned access to the media – probably because they are the kind of people who attend dinner parties the editors attend – and know their ridiculous claims will not be challenged but given big headlines.

    I note that with schools beginning to return from today we have the teacher unions already warning of the carnage that doing the job for which they are getting paid will ‘wreak’ on their members.


    1. It’s the same pattern as “Think tanks”, portrayed as apolitical yet the most promoted usually anything but..


  3. Quite simply these type of quislings
    Have staked their monies and future upon theWrong horse
    When Indy has us cross the winning line
    Then they have no option but to tear up their
    Betting slips and litter the ground with them,along with a distinct feeling of being stuck upon the decks the Titanic
    Stupid boy he should not have been so awe struck with the band playing
    Abide with Me


  4. Jeeziz,it must be horrendous trying to get an appointment in england with those stats, because it’s extremely difficult here.


    1. Steven
      The only reason it is diff here is due to covid
      If you ask for a Doc to call you back
      And they think it may be serious you will be seen very quick
      Not so in England


      1. I’m old enough to have a long enough memory that stretches beyond covid 19. In my area at least (Dundee) everyone phones in at 8am sits in a queue until answered for an appointment that day. You’ve no chance if you phone after 8.30 unless you try and persuade a nurse how important your need is. Crazy set up if you ask me. Long for yesteryear.


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