Just one publican persuades BBC Scotland to push for higher death and infection rates

In the wake of the Herald headlining their campaign for ‘Eating out, dying out’, BBC Scotland have headlined the need for Scotland to copy England’s approach to pandemic control by opening pubs earlier.

Here he is in few of his media appearances:

Stephen Montgomery, who owns the Townhead Hotel in Lockerbie and is a spokesman for the Scottish Hospitality Group, said he would “love to be opening up at the same time as our colleagues down south”. “We’re going to be seeing people jump the border… for that long awaited pint of cold beer while we still remain closed,” he told BBC Radio’s Good Morning Scotland. “Scotland’s always been behind in the way we’ve been operating for the last year. So it’s going to be no different this time. “We are at a disadvantage.”

Four in a bed? I don’t want to know.

He seems to know what he’s talking about. Is there any reason why we shouldn’t just follow England?





Eat Out to Help Out’ scheme drove new COVID-19 infections up by between 8 and 17%, new research finds.


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12 thoughts on “Just one publican persuades BBC Scotland to push for higher death and infection rates

  1. Give the mouth piece of a buffoon the simple facts of the low comparative
    Death and infection rates of Scotland as to those of England
    Far less the impact of other Health issues
    And long covid for the EHNS


  2. The BBC is legally compelled to support and promote social cohesion within Britain, which means they must punt British nationalism, under the terms of their royal charter. Contemporary British nationalism is inescapably a pastime of the right-wing, so it’s only natural the BBC privileges the opinion of a right-wing rag.



  3. Well it’s only right he wants to be same as England he lives in Lockerbie not far from border

    But then he is in Scotland and must do what Scottish parliament says
    Just as Scots had to do when England. Made us leave EUROPE
    other than leave Scotland and enjoy all benefits of England

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  4. People around the World cannot get the Covid vaccine. They cannot get enough food to eat. Some are being bombed daily. However in comparison to going without a cold beer in a Pub – the horror!

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  5. This man is a regular on Good Morning Scotland. He is always overtly hostile to the Scottish Goverment and makes sweeping highly critical statements which are teed up for him and go unchallenged. He says the same thing on every occasion.

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  6. “…for that long awaited pint of cold beer…”

    Can’t say that I’m in any great hurry for a pint. I know a good few of my friends aren’t exactly champing at the bit either.

    Without the free association, chewin’ the fat and talking nonsense in general, I didn’t enjoy the few visits I made to a pub between lockdowns; especially if it was the post work back straightener.

    Sitting on your own, with zero interaction, contemplating why you felt the need to consume alcohol on yer Sweeney Todd is not remotely enjoyable; not for me at any rate.

    I’ll wait until the whole process is significantly lower risk thanks.

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  7. Would this be the same Stephen Montgomery who had his photo-op with Fluffy and mini-fluffy outside a Lockerbie hotel plastered across D&G’s papers ?
    Now he gets platformed on Good Mourning Scotland as an apolitical industry representative and public are supposed not to bat an eyelid 🤣 ?

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  8. The unionists on ACC gave publicans licences for donations. The guidelines and rules were not followed. The virus spread like wild fire. All over the place from pub to pub. The Scottish Gov had to step in and there was a month lockdown to reduce deaths. People died. Some young people were having parties. They spread the virus through their families and vulnerable people. Some were fined for having parties.,


  9. People might boycott his pub for the ignorant remarks. Keeping people safe is most important. Pubs make money on the food not drink. He could do takeaway. Many places are surviving on doing takeaway.

    Only 2 out of 5 pubs and restaurants have outside garden areas. So many will still be closed or doing takeaway.

    Many people are having a drink at home or outside if it is fine. Getting it from supermarkets. Food retailers sales and profits are up 20%. Amazon and major retailers business is up £Billions. They tax evade because of Brexit.

    Charges are going up for transport and tariffs. Some people are getting excess charges on deliveries. From and to the EU. British firms have stopped delivering to the EU. EU firms have stopped delivering to Britain. Exports are down. £Billions. Whisky, food and drink exports are way down.


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