Put these words in the right order: Leonard former Scottish leader wife Richard of

The missing word game. Play it. It’s easy.

All you have to do is put the following words in the correct spaces in this BBC Scotland report, below.

Leonard former Scottish leader wife Richard of Labour the

The GMB union has recommended its NHS and Scottish Ambulance Service members vote to reject the Scottish government’s 4% pay offer. The proposal will affect 154,000 staff including nurses, porters and health care support workers. Unison and Unite have put the offer to members without recommendation, while the RCN is considering its position. Health Secretary Jeane Freeman said the proposal recognised the “service and dedication” of staff during the crisis. It compares favourably with England where some NHS staff have been offered a 1% pay rise. But GMB Scotland Organiser Karen Leonard, ____ __ ___ ______ _______ ______ ______ _______ _______ said the Scottish government’s proposal “doesn’t go far enough”.

Now, if you have time, write three sentences in the space below explaining why Scottish Labour is so distrusted by voters that they get less votes than even the Scottish Conservatives.

19 thoughts on “Put these words in the right order: Leonard former Scottish leader wife Richard of

  1. Unionists do what Unionists do end of.
    It is never really a help to Scots, they, like Boris, always have an angle for the Unioist agenda.

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    1. Labour do the opposite to ‘help Scots’, they hinder, lie and scam the people of Scotland. The BRITNATS, are not really unionists given they have dragged Scotland out of a genuine and somewhat more equal ‘union’, it’s called the EU. The BritNats aren’t unionists, their whole agenda is to divide and rule, not unite. Really it’s the ‘unionists’ who are the real separatists, in a most sinister way.


  2. Not sure if there were caveats attached to the Scot Gov offer but clearly the GMB will be hoping that the Pay Review Body in England recommends a higher increase so they justify themselves to their membership.


    1. …and marched in “solidarity” with those they had betrayed for almost 20 years because the now SNP GCC were then 2 weeks away from resolving it but which wasn’t fast enough…

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  3. The last two comments sum up the shallowness and duplicity of these ‘actors, the GMB and the Labour Party.
    The agenda as always, discredit the Scottish Government.
    The sad thing is that they are so stupid that they think their motives are not detected by even the most niave of memebers of the voting public.

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  4. I heard a representative of RCN on the radio yesyerday (I think) possibly the day before.

    He was saying they were telling members to ask for 12%. The interviewer (didn’t catch any names, sorry) asked if that wasn’t a bit much. Would they take phased payments? YES – this was BBC Scotland – I was surprised too!

    The upshot was that the RCN bloke admitted he didn’t think SG couldn’t manage 12% all at once. Wouldn’t be surprised if they didn’t ‘settle’ for 4% this year and negotiate the rest over a couple of years or so. Just a thought. Could this be Labour getting a union to use the “4%=cynical election move” stick to poke the SNP? Or am I just getting really cynical myself?

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  5. British Labour would rather Scotland suffer under right-wing and racist English nationalism, than support social democracy, human rights and international law and order. British Labour has never fought for Scotland’s interests (see the McCrone report). British Labour must out Tory the Tories in England, if they want to achieve power in Westminster, where Scotland’s voice does not register or matter (see Labour’s “southern discomfort”, published by the Fabian Society in 1992).


    Click to access Phillips-dissertation.pdf

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  6. So ex Labour party leader of their UK London party branch in Scotland, Dick Leonard’s wife is telling NHS workers in Scotland to reject the 4% when NHS staff in England have been told they’ll get 1%, hmm.
    SNHS strike planned for a couple weeks before the election? Be in no doubt, even during a pandemic, unscrupulous Labour branch in Scotland are under instruction to harn Scotland’s health care service, for their own political gain. Nice folk eh, but then it’s not surprising when after all Leornard was head of (?) of the GMB in Scotland when the women council workers in Glasgow were taken to court for trying to get equal pay from the then Labour council who, by all accounts were more akin to the mafia than a socialist council. ‘Unions’ are now part of the establishment and have been for some time, also scamming the workers, you could hardly make it up could you.

    A really lovely young Scottish man delivered our shopping earlier, we got on talking about the election and SNP and Scotland, he has a wee boy. He was very despondent about how Scotland is and has been treated by the BritNat English government, and sounded quite fearful of the BritNats’ talk of ‘beating’ the SNP Scotland and he mentioned that nasty Tory female MP who talked about beating up the Scots in full view and to much Tory laughter in the HOC’s! I had to just say it’ll be OK as he seemed to be quite despondent but had no time to chat for longer. I feel for our younger people, their freedoms are being eroded, their wings clipped by a far right wing dangerous English government, and they must fear the future for their own children.

    We cannot allow the BritNats to get near power at Holyrood, they will destroy Scotland and wreck our young peoples’ futures even more, a prison with a Tory/red Tory government that their neighbours in England say they have to put up with so tough. Nope, not acceptable, this election is last chance saloon for Scotland, the BritNats will do anything to make it so, we damn well will not let them.

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    1. Absolutely ArtyHetty. Both my wife and myself are in our eighties, and whatever happens it probably won’t effect us greatly, but it’s our younger family members, especially our great-grand-children, that concern us. Both votes S.N.P.


  7. What’s in a name?

    Keep it in the family. Nepotism. Labour and the BBC.

    Hopefully the staff will accept the offer or it can be worked out. Negotiated. They know how much they are appreciated. The conditions in the pandemic. The dedicated staff to whom people owe their lives and health. The family unit so important. The vulnerable ones.

    Labour killing millions off people worldwide. The military bill could have financed healthcare worldwide. Instead of bombing the world to bits. Then causing the worst migration crisis since WW2. Leading on to Brexit.

    The Labour Party are an absolute disgrace. The lives they have ruined. The sycophants lining their pockets on other people’s misery. The unionist Parties need booted out of Scotland. To make the world a better place.

    Vote SNP/Alba whereever possible for a supermajority. Break D’Hond’t. Imposed by LibDem unionist sycophants. To try to stop Independence, The Brexit Tory enablers. Education promises broken. ConDems lying Vow. Clegg elected to support education cut funding £6Billion a year. Evel.

    Cameron elected to protect the NHS cut it £4Billion a year from 2015 to 2020. Cameron on the take. He has been lobbying illegally for years boasting about the £Millions he will make. He even illegally changed the Law to help himself to £Millions of taxpayers monies. Graft and corruption of Westminster Gov. Killing people. Evel.

    Hinkley Point HS2. and Trident etc the Tory slush fund. Subsidies forever. Monies that could be better spent on essential services. Improvement to other services. Rail services in the North and Scotland take twice as long, Tidal barrages are much more cost affective and safer. Reneged upon in Cardiff and on the Humber as too expensive when they were much cheaper. A false economy.

    Clegg now making £Millions working for tax evading, Facebook. Election gerrymandering. The Facebook EU representative. Crimes against humanity. They do not care lining their pockets on people’s misery. The EU will make them pay something back. Pay their taxes. They already have in Ireland. They were getting subsidies to evade tax. Monopolising the market. Agains anti competitive Laws. The reason for Brexit. Westminster sycophants could evade taxes. Killing people.

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  8. I remember one of the old International Brigade (Spain 1935) saying to me in the late 60’s – ” do not confuse socialism with Labour”

    I remember the tactic in the article throughout that period of the 60s/70s. Demand 20% hoping for 2%.
    We were on strike once for seven weeks when a “full time” Union official drove past us straight into admin and signed a deal 0.25% above the offer that had first been made by management. Seven weeks lost wages for a few extra pennies!
    The Union official left without speaking to us.

    Unfortunately I have many such stories from that period. The Unions and the Labour Party thrived on conflict. Membership and income only increased if workers thought their jobs at risk and security/protection came from a Party and a Union. (It should have – I still believe that theory of common protection)

    We have a long history of bad management and poor trade unions I am sad to say.

    I watched good men, hard working men be laid off while lazy workers kept their job because the lazy guy had 6 months longer service – Union Rule “last in first out”. I also watched Management engineer strikes to justify a closure or lay offs.

    My only question is who will benefit from a conflict. It will not be the frontline staff.

    I pushed a simple change then which was never adopted – the wages of full time Union staff should stop the moment workers wages stopped. You will find that Union officials have a better income and benefits than those they represent.

    Good Government, Good employment Laws, Fair arbitration systems.

    The shipyards, Steel works, the mines etc still closed. The biggest factor is, and remains “The Government” and that still means Westminster.

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    1. thesnpleftme
      All you speak of begs a simple Question

      Is it the Union Leaders who are inept
      Or the Members that are stupid
      Maybe the Answer to BOTH is yes


  9. One question to those possibly voting Alba.
    How sure are you, if they get anyone elected, that they will support the next First Minister, and the S.N.P, when they form the next Scottish Government?
    My opinion, for what it’s worth, is that it is an Alex Salmond vanity project, and will damage our quest for independence, not enhance it. Again personally, voting for Alba will delay, if not cause a terminal decline by arguing amongst ourselves, and will make any prospect of a second independence referendum to, at least, be delayed for many years.
    Remember R.B.C Graham’s words, “It wont be the English who stop us becoming independent, it will be the Scots”. Prophetic indeed.


  10. As far as I see it, the Alba party is a new political party that seeks independence for Scotland. As far as I’m aware, the SNP does not have a monopoly on what constitutes political action aimed at our self-determination. The Alba party is also a Scottish based party run from within Scotland, and has broad electoral appeal. So unlike the yoon parties, or the Greens and increasingly the SNP, they provide a political vehicle for our self-determination, who’s policy framework is consistent with democratic theory and human rights.



    1. Of course you have your opinion Cameron, and I have mine. I still believe the old adages apply, “A house divide will not stand”, and “If we do not hang together, we will undoubtedly hang separately”.
      Alba/Salmond’s desire is, to me at least. patently obvious. Revenge, and his target is Nicola Sturgeon, and by association, the S.N.P.
      If elected, he will not advance our independence campaign, indeed, I fully expect him to obstruct it, on the grounds that it does not meet his criteria. He simply cannot get over that he is yesterday’s man, and that somebody else is in charge. That is it in a nutshell. Hatred and jealousy.


  11. Of course your also entitled to your opinion Alex. But I hope you don’t think me up myself, uncaring or disrespectful, in pointing out that your opinion is grounded on conjecture, where as mine is grounded in political philosophy, law and stuff.

    General Comment No. 25: The right to participate in public affairs, voting
    rights and the right of equal access to public service (Art. 25) : . 12/07/96.
    CCPR/C/21/Rev.1/Add.7, General Comment No. 25. (General Comments)


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