Too poor, too profligate? ‘Nicely timed’ propaganda for BBC from Douglas Alexander group

Headlining all morning, no doubt three times today on Reporting Scotland, and on the website, selected findings from the Institute for Fiscal Studies:

BBC Scotland offers us these points, 5 days after they were published, just as we enter the first few days of an election campaign dominated by the issue of independence and the growing panic in the Unionist parties at the arrival of another pro-independence party in their life-support system, the regional vote:

The Scottish government’s funding per person is almost 30% higher than the English equivalent, a leading economic research group has said. The Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS) said this was mostly due to the Barnett Formula. It also found the Scottish government had used temporary coronavirus funding to pay for some permanent policies.

The IFS announce:

A range of Scottish Election Briefing Notes on tax, benefits and public spending, and the parties plans for the coming parliamentary term. Fiscal devolution and the resulting growing differences in policies compared to the rest of the UK, and the starkly different visions of Scotland’s future set out by the different parties, mean independent and impartial analysis (:-)) is more important than ever before (the Union was so threatened?).

The IFS does not appear to be planning to brief other than in Scotland. Who asked them to do it here?

The Scottish Policy Foundation did. Their leading directors:

Thought: Why do they appear so visibly for us to ‘expose’? Personal vanity, arrogance?

Read this again:

Lord Dunlop is a [unelected] Conservative peer in the House of Lords. He was created a [unelected] life peer in 2015 and [yet?] was subsequently appointed Scotland Office Minister.’

In what world is this? Ancient Persia? Westeros? 19th Century Britain? 21st Century Scotland?

Could you find two men more embedded in the British state, more dependent upon its favours, more willing to propagandise on its behalf?

At the very end of the website report, so little read, and, of course, tagged on in one sentence, ‘for balance’ in all the broadcasts:

The SNP’s Kate Forbes, the Scottish government’s finance secretary, said the Barnett Formula was “under attack” by the Westminster government, accusing ministers of “pork-barrel spending” through the levelling up fund. She said: “An independent Scotland would be able to make different choices, and give us all the economic levers needed to grow our economy and to make the public spending choices best suited to Scotland’s interests – such as not spending hundreds of billions of pounds on the Trident missile programme.”

7 thoughts on “Too poor, too profligate? ‘Nicely timed’ propaganda for BBC from Douglas Alexander group

  1. Dougie Alexander in 2014 repeated the same mantra every time he appeared on TV. Even though it was debunked in debate, the next time he would repeat the same point. A true propagandist and hack politician! Not a serious thinker on constitutional affairs.
    Dunlop left Scotland in the 1980s! Never elected to anything.

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  2. The Institute for Fiscal Studies? Well, we already knew that the BBC is legally compelled to support social cohesion within Britain. But I’m not sure if that is compatible with punting a Tory agenda in the run-up to a Scottish election. Which appears to be biased framing that smells of fear and desperation.

    “The IFS prides itself on being independent and objective. But its analysis often resembles ideology masquerading as science.”


    1. Simples
      Call in expert auditors to produce a simple one page Balance Sheet
      With the vitally important last item
      Being Net Assets/ Net Liabilities
      ( which generates a + or – figure )
      For both last fiscal year and 2 yrs after Indy
      If so conducted to England and the Unionists i say
      Brace yourselves and have by your side a bottle of smelling salts
      And just in case a Nurse on Standby c/ w
      A straight jacket
      Sorry please add a needle to the Nurses


  3. This was also mentioned on BBC Papers last night where we had Dugdale and Madeline Grant of the Telegraph ably supported by the presenter mouthing off about how Scotland got more money than Engl…… that Grant woman really does not like our FM you could hear it in her voice and her looks.I always say why is it that all these people say we are a begging bowl they don’t start a petition to get rid of us.

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  4. Why doesn’t the SNP/SG not say what the rest of us thinks: the britnat media is blatantly anti-Scottish. Why is the SNP leadership so feart of the britnat media?


    1. Doug
      The SNP are terrified to even spook their
      But me thinks that Alba will certainly not be labelled with “They shoot Horses don’t they”
      But will certainly lift the whip to their hind quarters
      Crack on Alex


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