Significant gains in Africa and South America for March 2021

Up from 35 897 visitors and 148 991 views, in February, with a big contribution from one post, on the Hanbury poll ‘scoop’:

Significant gains in Africa and South America but Syria proving too dangerous for our workers and Belarus impervious to our pro-democracy charms.

The February imperial map below for those who like them:

Sorry to see Romania fall from 2 to 4

5 thoughts on “Significant gains in Africa and South America for March 2021

  1. Where is the donate facility for support. Donate button

    Migres around the world.

    Scotland has a 40million disporia around the world. Looking for
    news, information and opinion.

    US, NZ, Australia, Canada and other places. China and Russia people working there. Huge population.

    International students coming here. China does not have enough universities pro rata. Not enough places and high competition. They go to other places to study around the world.

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    1. Thanks.

      Migres, yes, one guy in Transylvania (no, not ‘him’) keeps in touch.

      Donate? I’m OK, retired, teacher’s pension, PT job, little desire for stuff these days, may have enough shirts till the end now. Suspect this may annoy the young lads blogging.

      I give to Broadcast Scotland, The Canary (not the Labour Ferret) and the SSPCA.

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