Sarah Smith tipped by massive 75% as new Scottish Conservatives leader after Leaders’ Debate

SNP crisis: BBC reporter perfectly explains why Sturgeon's independence  plot is doomed | Politics | News |
Can your own hair become so disappointed in you it attempts strangulation?

In the wake of the Leaders’ Debate last night when Douglas Ross managed to make Anas Sarwar look good, sources close to us have suggested that the London HQ will move to replace him.

Four names were mentioned. We polled our followers with, the following clear result:

This is a shocking condemnation of the other three possible candidates who between them have years of campaigning against independence. Smith is said to be cock-a-hoop.

SNP crisis: BBC reporter perfectly explains why Sturgeon's independence  plot is doomed | Politics | News |

15 thoughts on “Sarah Smith tipped by massive 75% as new Scottish Conservatives leader after Leaders’ Debate

  1. The hair! What’s going on!

    Smith has all the attributes required to be leader of Tory branch office in Scotland, a self of self importance, lying, hateful, obsessed, and totally anti SNP, but she is very cosy where she is I am sure. How much does she cost the license payers, in money. Her worth to the BritNats is invaluable.

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  2. Who is surprised ?
    She has been behaving like a tory all the time ive known her , just like her dad , the only difference is that he had the luxury of there being no internet so it was easy for an out and out tory to pretend to be Labour back then.
    No such luck now she is a tory and knows it was pointless trying to hide it .
    The Labour party are full of them , what is really really sad is that some people still believe that Labour are not the same as the tories.

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    1. I am cheered to read your opinion of John Smith because I have always politely kept schtum when I hear him beatified as the best PM we never had.
      My experience is limited but I was never that impressed.

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  3. May i nominate the under noted excellent potential candidates each and everyone would make a most fitting and
    Excellent choice in the Event of Dross throwing his flag in or being tossed over
    The sides of SS Britania ( Titanic )
    1 Willie the Pimp
    2 Lily the Pink
    3. Guy Fawkes

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  4. Labour dynasty. Vote Labour get Tory. Blair’s children. The inter connection, intertwined nepotism of Labour and the BBC in Scotland. Cleared by M15. Fifty years of Labour before Devolution. The McCrone Report hidden under the Secrets Act. The Oil revenues disappearing.

    Iraq, Dunblane and Lockerbie kept secret for 100 years. To hide Westminster corruption and criminality. Get away with impunity. Cost £Trns.

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  5. Haha—Hon Sarah is no more a politician than DRossy.
    Her trademark smirk when she thinks she is doing down the SNP—and her scowl when she finds she has messed up—politician need a poker face–not her tell-tale mug.

    So who could it be?
    Annie—would fail the “Boris” test–we all know what that means!
    Ditto Jaikie, but she fights dirty, so has an outside chance( no chance, in other words).
    So how about Galloway?
    Gorgeous George is the epitome of Toryness.
    No ideology to speak of.
    Ego-centric, self-starting political psycho.
    Good ol’ boy.
    The “Scottish” Tories are awash with grubby slush funds. Always an attraction.

    Arise Sir Toryboy. Murdo will show you to your seat.

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  6. George Galloway want back in to westminster he has arrived back in Scotland because it is his last hope , england dont want him anymore he has disappointed them so often all talk no action.
    Getting into the Scottish parliament would be attractive to him he would get to use that word again “ indefatigable “ .
    Like Ruth Davidson he will sell his best friend to get into westminster.
    People like them are so untrustworthy.

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    1. Galloway is a complete embarassment, suits the BritNats down to the ground, slurp slurp, they revel in these embarassing troughers, all part of portraying Scotland as embarassing to the outside world…not worthy of their own wee stupid parliament, akin to a badly run cooncil, a bit like ‘Leicester’ as that Tory MP said not so long ago.
      Galloway is a gift to the BritNats, or so they think, they can delude themselves for a bit longer.

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  7. To be honest I think you’ve missed an obvious replacement for DRoss. She comes from the same stable as Ruthless. Step forward Fiona Stalker. Same bubly high pitched screech as Ruthless. Frames her questions to include the answer she wants. Terrible dress sense.. Tory leader. In waiting. What I can’t understand is why did they puck DRoss in the first place!


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