You’re not on the flag because we’d conquered you. You didn’t even exist!

Interrupting Adam Price MS, Plaid Cymru, when he noted the absence of Wales from the Union Flag, Fiona Bruce told him quickly:

‘But you’re not represented because Wales and England were part of the same country at that point.’

‘Part of the same country?’

How’s that for an ahistorical euphemism or simple inaccuracy to describe a brutal conquest and a process of cultural genocide, aimed at wiping out Welsh identity and to allow the collective forgetting that it had ever been a different country, Bruce is clearly more comfortable with?

Price didn’t get a chance to clarify in the way he did in a speech, 11 years ago:

To begin at the beginning. English imperialism can perhaps be described as Wales’s greatest and most terrible export. What was tried and tested here, soon became the template for what one English historian has called the “thousand year Reich” of the English empire. It is a pedigree we appear to have worked very hard to forget. The title of “First Colony” is a crown of thorns more often claimed by the Irish – most recently in setting the scene for the 2005 BBC series of The Sceptred Isle that focused on Empire. And yet the Normans settled Wales a near century before Ireland, and the Statute of Rhuddlan, formally annexing Wales, predates its Irish equivalent, the Statute of Kilkenny by about the same number of years. Whatever the Irish suffered, we sadly suffered first.—2070487

Why did Bruce (Anglo-Norman name) put it that way? She’s a British Nationalist working for the state broadcaster. It comes out naturally. She doesn’t need to think about it. We’ve seen something similar regularly in her Scottish campaigns.

21 thoughts on “You’re not on the flag because we’d conquered you. You didn’t even exist!

  1. Mentorn, which produces Question Time is run by Conservatives. Panellists used to have to meet a group of Conservative MPs for lunch at their club to be vetted whether they were suitable to appear on the programme.

    Some ‘mavericks’ would be allowed on the programme, but always outnumbered 4 – 1 and questions directed at them would always be framed in a scathing way by the chair, whether it was Robin Day, David Dimbleby or whomever. Inevitably the speaker would be interrupted frequently and, often, when the person had said her or his piece the chair would pointedly make a barbed comment.

    This is a Tory programme and has always been a platform for its propaganda. “Centrist” Labour MPs have always been welcomed, but, occasionally, a more radical one is on, and they suffer the same abuse. On one of Ms Bruce’s earlier programmes, during the warm-up, she hinted that the audience might want to heckle Diane Abbott MP.

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  2. WoW ! Not even trying to hide their brutal history ! Well done Ms Bruce – the Honours List is beckoning .
    Don’t watch this propaganda so don’t know if there was the ubiquitous Union Fleg in full view !

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  3. What else can any expect from Ingrained, delussionist , total and complete English arrogance
    Do they not understand the power a flag holds over people

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    1. She also does not know how the Union Flag has evolved over time. For example, it did not include the red and while saltire until Ireland was incorporated into the Union in 1801, having been for nearly 200 years, part of a spurious THREE kingdoms, arising from Stuart claims of suzerainty over part ot Ireland, when they were Kings of Scots only. When the 26 counties left in 1949 to create Eire as opposed to the 1922 Free State, the Union Flag was NOT changed to reflect this. Is this a symbol of a claim on the whole island of Ireland?

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      1. Alasdair
        And to add to your thoughts on claims by the British state upon The Island of Ireland
        So few understand why Shinn Fein ( the Irish Gaelic spelling) always
        1.Refused to rake a oath of allegiance to the
        Throne if elected as a MP for Westminster
        2. Why the IRA in a British court of law refused to regonise the jurisdiction of that court
        3.The Republic until the Good Friday Agreement become a International treaty and law, had never extended a state visit to any British Sovereign
        This was so because The 1922 Act of Parliament contained a clause that stated that The Soveriegn of The UK, Empire and the Dominions had the right to Sovereignty over
        the whole of The Island of Ireland
        such almost derailed the Good Friday Agreement and was only salvaged when at the last minute the EU and Bill Clinton
        stated that if this clause was not repealed and removed then they could not become siganatories to it
        Eurpoe,s objection was on the basis that both the Republic and UK were Full EU members
        and such a clause was illegal in European terms
        Clinton it is assumed was acting on the Republic,s behalf
        Needless to say the Clause was removed by means of a House of Commons emergency Question and subsequent vote
        No acciident that soon after The Republic extended a invitation to Elizabeth R
        Always be very wary of English new Laws and
        weasel clauses and words
        They simply cannot help themseelves when it comes to such matters
        Before Brexit talks commenced France demanded and got that all written records inc.of any legal agreements were to be translated into French for their approval and acceptance and retained with full legal rights
        France of all people over the Centuries know all to well the treachery of The English and use of language

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  4. Wales and Scotland suffer from a major problem. Both countries have a land border with England.

    The Welsh must have put up a good fight . . . . Look at the size of the castles England built there.

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  5. Fiona Bruce a migrant born in Singapore. Father Scottish (Nairn?) worked for Unilever worldwide. Studied in France. Speaks French

    Farague never off the programme. Totally biased to the right wing. Question Time employee Brexiteer choosing the audience.

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  6. We are now in the “English Ascendency” in the UK.
    Just as Wales doesn’t really “exist”, so too do they wish Scotland to fade into the mists of history.
    While the English nationalist Tories are the driving force of this, the BBC is their selected engine of change.
    BBC Scotland used to try to be a Scottish broadcaster with extremely limited resources–Radio Scotland was EXCELLENT when first set up.
    Now the BBC broadcast INTO Scotland. There are no serious Scottish news program, no analysis of news, no serious current affairs output, no Scottish drama, or historical perspective. We don’t have the equivalent of the Tudors–drama or documentary–or any of the BBC England’s historical output.
    We are NORTH BRITISH, dont you know, so Boris always first on the news, always with a quote, never asked questions, is legitimate from their point of view.
    Scotland? The place with the bad weather, the joke football, the incoherent people, the bad weather, the huge indebtedness, the bad weather—The “nationalists”—oh, did I mention the weather?

    That Scotland! Only on the BEEB!

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      1. And down and outs–aggressive, druggy, inarticulate, drunken begger tramps—who want to fight.
        This is how we have been portrayed throughout my life on TV.


  7. If you browse the web and ask for ideas for the Union flag replacement design when we leave it is interesting and entertaining. The green of Wales is in some of them.

    I never watch QT, in fact I rarely watch the BBC.

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  8. The arrogance of these BritNats knows no bounds, it’s all part of their colonial mindset, they really do believe they are better than other people, anywhere, including of course the people of Scotland and Wales. The BritNats stole the land, and murdered the people in Wales and in Scotland, and still to this day they believe they are superior. The powerful and massively funded BBC acts as the BritNats’ vehicle for stoking hatred towards Scotland and Wales, it’s very sinister indeed. F. Bruce is the epitomy of BritNat arrogance and self importance, I so hope Scotland, and Wales, can make sure she is not laughing when they regain their independence, asap!

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  9. Oh, let’s go for all-out stereotypes. Remember this?

    There are four kinds of people in the UK –
    First, the Scots who keep the Sabbath – and everything else they can lay their hands on;
    Then the Welsh – who pray upon their knees and their neighbours;
    Thirdly the Irish who never know what they want – but will fight for it anyway.
    Lastly there are the English who consider themselves self-made men, – thus relieving the Almighty of a terrible responsibility.


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