Letters they wouldn’t publish No.3: ‘Scotland is a failed state’ says Brexit MEP who left UK for France

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Leah Gunn Barrett

Dear Editor,

Brian Monteith’s first sentence, “Scotland is a failed state,” is false because for Scotland to be a state we would need to have our own sovereign government with the right and capacity to make treaties and agreements with other states (22 March). And therein lies the rub.

If Scotland were a state, we wouldn’t have left the world’s largest free trading bloc and wouldn’t be suffering a 63% nosedive in exports, a ban on tree exports, and food and drug shortages with worse to come.[1] 

If Scotland were a state with our own central bank and currency we would have had the capability to borrow as much as required to support our people and economy, and would have been able to close our borders to prevent Covid spread, saving thousands of lives. We would not be staring down the terrifying prospect of a 40% increase in nuclear warheads less than an hour from our largest city.

If Scotland were a state, we would not have tens of billions of pounds diverted to Westminster to be squandered on debt servicing, privatisation of public services and English infrastructure projects. Our economy would not be dominated by five big commercial banks that create and lend money for unproductive financial and asset transactions that add zero value to the nation.  

If Scotland were a state, our health service would not be vulnerable to US vulture capital firms nor would we have the lowest state pension in the developed world. 

When Scotland is a state, with our vast natural resources, educated people, history of innovation and international outlook, we will be a sustainable, fair and wealthy nation. That, Mr. Monteith, is how Scotland will be a model not only for rUK but for the world. 

[1] https://www.businessforscotland.com/tree-export-ban-eu-student-drop-empty-lorries-brexit-problems-continue-to-mount/

Facebook apologises for deleting right-wing ads by ThinkScotland | Scotland  | The Times

12 thoughts on “Letters they wouldn’t publish No.3: ‘Scotland is a failed state’ says Brexit MEP who left UK for France

  1. Excellent letter Leah. And true.
    Sadly it is omitted while the contributions from the frothing ranks of Brit Nit Ultras get published every other day.
    Scot hating Scots.

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  2. And if Scotland was a ‘state’ – and one with a proportional electoral system within which all the state’s political parties prioritised Scotland’s interests – arguably it is much less likely that we would have one single party dominant in government for so long … or perhaps at all!

    Becoming an independent nation-state again – becoming ‘normal’ – is the key to so many ways of enhancing Scotland’s democracy, economy, society and environment – as well as our ability to make a greater contribution to the wider world.

    The kindest assessment of Mr Monteith is that he lacks imagination!

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  3. Tis the British State although not yet failed but very close to abject failure
    1. Scotland and N.Ireland will soon depart
    2. What is left of the UK will be bankrupt in every sense of the word
    3.England who control everything are a one party state
    4. It is one of the most corrupt States in the World
    5. Delusion is the most powerful of forces that drive failure and by jove the British state
    Suffers from it in cataclysmic propotions
    6.Finally Revolution is the only force that can now prevent total,complete and abject failure


  4. The “failure” in Scotland,if there has been any,is down to the UK civil service’s mishandling of the Salmond affair.
    The civil servants who run the Scottish government are employes of and responsible to their masters in London and that is where the buck stops.

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  5. Thank you for your excellent response to Monteith. Can I please correct one aspect however? When Scotland is an independent sovereign state with its own currency it will not require to borrow. It will be able to create as much of its currency as it needs without doing so.

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  6. Your man is simply expressing his inner idiot, and displaying his apparent ignorance regarding the rule-of-law. Which requires more than simply compliance with legal rules and precedent. For a start, the first principle of law and public policy is DO NO HARM. Then there’s the lack of constitutional need for Brexit, only the manufactured welfare chauvinism and xenophobia that the radical-right exploited to re-frame England’s relationship with the EU.

    So Brexit inescapably lacks concern for the legal doctrine of “proportionality”, which means it is hard to justify Brexit through constitutional law. Though that is pretty plain to see, as Brexit essentially insists Scots lack a defensible constitutional identity, and the corresponding right to legal rights such an identity entails.



  7. As finely crafted a piece as Monteith’s badge from “Judge Dredd” as a beard.
    What gets me about these multiple attacks from such as Monteith is he bile over his electoral dismissal in 2007, since which he has spared no effort (ta deductable?) in tearing lumps out of a government who dared saving lives and working for the greater good of Scots.

    The only failed State is Brian Monteith, and what a state he assuredly is in, the ultimate Tory/Brexit reject….

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  8. If my rusty arithmetical skills are still working, I believe that Glasgow is less than 6.9 seconds away from the abomination on the Holy Loch following a nuclear explosion.If I have overestimated, please feel free to correct me.

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      1. James Mills
        Jackie Bailley from her branch office is indeed quite the opposite in matters pertaining to blast prevention
        By being a member of a party that is 100 % committed to maintain the nuclear weapons in Scotland thereby guaranteeing that in the event of nuclear war that most certainly that their shall be one helluva blast to blow central Scotland away
        If England really wants them take and install them in the River Thames
        We in Scotland most certainly do not want them

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