Labour UK denies the strongest of evidence on how to save lives

I’ll keep this short:

I don’t think I’ve ever seen such unambiguous evidence for anything, ever but Keir Starmer doesn’t appear to have seen it.

The largest review ever undertaken, of 349 research studies, from across the globe though mostly in Europe, carried out by the Centre for Criminology at the University in South Wales in 2017, found that ‘safe’ or ‘supervised’ injection rooms significantly reduced drug-related harms, dramatically cut mortality and offered a range of benefits for the wider population, in terms of reduced crime, nuisance in public spaces, violence and trafficking.

Will the leader of the Labour Party pay heed to this overwhelming evidence and at the very least support a pilot facility in Scotland?

8 thoughts on “Labour UK denies the strongest of evidence on how to save lives

  1. The only matters Stammer seeks to support are
    1.His Bank Balance
    2.His career
    3.His Pension Pot
    To Labour in Scotland Stammer
    But Scots shall lift the Hammer

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  2. In Tory UK,those who are addicted to substances are criminals who deserve no assistance from the state.
    Addiction is a health condition which has to be treated as such.
    It is the activity surrounding the supply and dependency on drugs which is criminal.
    How much state money has been wasted on “The War on Drugs” which could have been more productively used on prevention and rehabilitation.
    England’s Tories,with their simplistic Trumpian slogans,have completely failed to address this issue and probably never will.
    They are entirely responsible for the deprivation which drives many people into escaping their life’s harsh realities through alcohol and drugs.
    Except,of course,for the Tory elite who dabble in Bolivian marching powder.
    They can afford to pay for detox, should they so wish.

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  3. What cuts drug deaths are proper ‘total abstinence’ counselling drug rehabs. Drs should be able to refer people. It should be under the SNHS. Or people have to pay for it privately. For a few £thousand people can get healthy, change their behaviour and their lifestyle. With proper professional help. Drug rooms are just a diversion and do not solve the complex problems of addiction (drugs/alcohol). Drug rooms are the state supporting people’s addiction and death.

    The Councils under social care put people on methadone for years. It is worse than other drugs and leads to destitution and early death. People take other substances, while under the influence, and die.

    The Scottish Gov has listened and just put in £250million into proper (total abstinence?) rehab facilities. It should be under the SNHS so Drs can refer people. Instead of the constant revolving door of SNHS care. Liver transplants, hepatitis care, mental health, homelessness, neglect and other social care issues. Police and Fire. Including crime and road accidents.

    Kinship payments help keep children within families. Proper rehab is much more cost affective than other care issues. Getting people healthy with guidelines and support. To help the whole society and communities. MUP is keeping consumption and deaths down.


  4. Another sound bite from Starmer , another nail in the already solidly nailed down Labour coffin .
    Is there any Scottish topic that this man has an inkling about ? No , because he is told what he wants to hear by his Branch officer in Scotland .


  5. Scotland’s communities and also Islands like the Shetlands were devastated by drugs being taken in…Scotland’s territorial waters are not properly policed if at all really…that’s an EngGov reserved power. Quite convenient having young people addicted to hard drugs a wee money spinner too…the pushers should have been stopped at the ports and border, and of course drugs are big business, very dodgy folks around the world, someone’s made a packet out of Scotland’s communities when there was no hope, no jobs, no prospects and no opportunities, when the Britnats were at the helm.

    Did Labour EVER try to reduce drugs problems in Scotland, they were in power for decades and then had TEN years in power at Holyrood, lolz of course not they welcomed the chance to keep the myth going that Scots were too stupid and dependent to do anything for themselves…absolutely criminal, the Labour party I mean…of course.

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