Letters They Wouldn’t Publish No.1: What does Labour stand for?

Dear Editor, Scotsman (16th March 2021),

It’s hard to know what Scottish Labour stands for apart from adhering to Sir Keir’s dictat that an independence referendum is verboten (Scottish Perspective, 16 March). No wonder Labour is hanging on by a thread. Nevertheless, Mr. Sarwar bravely plows on with his post-Covid recovery plan for Scotland that includes a ‘comeback’ plan for schools. His own kids are privately educated.  

He credits Labour with the creation of the NHS over 70 years ago, but ignores how both major parties have underfunded and privatised large chunks of the NHS, with more sell-offs to American companies planned to secure a much-needed post-Brexit trade deal. 

Labour backed Boris’ hard Brexit that has seen a 63% plunge in Scottish exports, more than 20% worse than the UK figure. The Chief Executive of Scottish Food and Drink said the crash can’t be blamed on Covid, but on the erection of huge, new, non-tariff trade barriers with our largest market.[1]

Brexit has given the Tories free reign to dismantle devolution. They are bypassing our Parliament and directing Covid recovery money to Tory seats. The funds aren’t additional, but merely replace some of the money that came from the EU pre-Brexit. 

The only way for Scotland to rebuild post-Covid is by having the full range of economic powers that any independent nation enjoys, so we can focus on Scottish needs and priorities to build a fairer, more sustainable society. And it’s the only way Scottish Labour can ever win back the trust of the Scottish people.

Yours sincerely, Leah Gunn Barret


3 thoughts on “Letters They Wouldn’t Publish No.1: What does Labour stand for?

  1. Mr Sarwar is just a hanger on hes not there to get Labour back to second place or even first place
    His job is to cosy up to the tories just like the lib dems to form an anti scottish independence trio
    That is Labours plan
    Stop Scottish independence
    Labour know a majority will never ever vote tory in Scotland
    Labour know that if Scottish independence is stopped
    If Scottish independence is outlawed
    If Scottish independence is forgotten
    The SNP will be forgotten
    Labour will fill the void
    That is the whole of Labours plan

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