Why do some old white guys get so ‘right’ mean?

I am technically an old white guy though I do take a suspiciously good tan in the summer and I will not go the way of author Kingsley Amis.

Amis is the classic example of the young lefty atheist who in more affluent, propertied but less-potent, middle and old age, drifted to the right and became a High Anglican conservative.

Perhaps the best Scottish example is Alistair Darling who, of course, came to prefer the word ‘NO’ over all others in 2014:

Wings Over Scotland | The times they have a-changed
Wings Over Scotland | About time, frankly

There is also John Reid, Communist Party, in 1975 with me at Stirling University:

john reid

At least they’ve gone off somewhere but writers Iain Macwhirter and Kevin McKenna, are ever-present, embracing a mix of Starmerism, ‘traditional’ Catholic family values and fear of the other, they cannot bear the terribly popular SNP leader or her ministers such as the Justice Minister.

All-too-conveniently, Macwhirter can attempt to undermine the case for independence while still pretending not to have become pro-Union, by blaming the SNP for spoiling his preferred kind of independence. Babies, toys and prams come to mind.

His latest excuse is the Hate Crime Bill which will, he thinks, stop him writing edgy stuff, as if he ever had the wit or the passion to do so.

The Justice Minister was clear:

To those who think they may accidentally somehow fall foul of the law… because they believe sex is immutable, or they believe an adult man cannot become a female or they campaign for the rights of Palestinians… or those that proselytise that same-sex relationships are sinful, none of these people would fall foul of the stirring up of hatred offence for solely stating their belief – even if they did so in a robust manner. Why? Because solely stating any belief, which I accept may be offensive to some, is not breaching the criminal threshold.

Frankie Boyle was not available for comment.

MSPs voted by 82 to 32 to pass the bill. Ruth Davidson voted against it but her Tory colleague Miles Briggs voted for it.

The latest official statistics show Police Scotland recorded 6,448 hate crimes in 2019-20.


18 thoughts on “Why do some old white guys get so ‘right’ mean?

  1. For Eons all powerful and Elites have deployed the masses and their inherent Tribal instincts to Conquer,Divide & Rule
    Hate is the Whip they deploy
    You only need take a wee Deek to the recent troubled times over the Irish Sea to witness how and why
    At the height of the troubles all the recruits for The UVF, UDA etc came from poor working class backgrounds
    Who’s attainment levels in both education and career were way way below what would be considered average or normal
    All whilst their Masters basked in societal and economic success
    A interesting little fact
    The highest per capita ownership of Mercedes cars in the world is to be found in the
    Protestant middle classes of Ulster
    And such doth indeed explains one helluva lot
    As to how and why hatred takes you

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      1. I think you’ve missed the point of my question: which was why say Ulster when Northern Ireland might’ve been better?

        In light of your reply, why didn’t you just say Belfast in the first place?

        Sorry, but just don’t understand why you’d be deliberately vague, when you had the wherewithal to be specific.


      1. Seann
        And where did you think Adolf got his thugs in the early days of his rise to power
        To break up and intimidate all the opposition
        Who could see him for what he really was
        Why did Britain use the Black and Tans in the Republic
        The list goes on and on
        Hitler even used Penile Battalions in WW2


  2. If you look behind the statistics for “hate crime” it is far more interesting. The content of the complaint itself can be very shallow. The record is that a complaint was made. The trans group through a very organised network urged every comment that offended to be reported to generate evidence. I am not saying that genuine crimes did not take place. However when you have an agenda and an organisation it is quite easy to create the impression you wish with statistics.

    Is saying that Women is an adult female a hate crime?


    1. thesnpleftme,
      You asked “ is saying a woman is an adult female a hate crime “
      The answer is , no its not a hate crime but its not strictly correct is it because men who change to become women are to be treated as women by law , this law already exists its not new.

      As was made clear in the article above , the justice minister said that stating your beliefs is not a hate crime so you can safely say a woman is an adult female as loudly and as often as you want.

      Some people say jesus walked on water and fed thousands of people with one fish
      We know its not true
      But its not a crime to say its true


  3. ‘Who decides the criminal threshhold’.

    Everyone has a different version. A different tolerance level. The Sheriff who might be biased depending on interpretation. One person’s hate crime is not another person’s hate crime. Shredded. The UK appointed Lord Advocate wasting £Millions of public

    Three strikes and then out. A caution. Then repeat action. For minor crime. 85% of males have a criminal conviction. 50% of those in prison are on the spectrum and need support. 20% of the population.

    A unionist Labour EIS plant on the BBC.

    Ross and Sarwar always good for a laugh. Telephone boxes. Phonies.


  4. Ive just stumbled into the BBC Sunday Show and Martin Geisller, John Swinney on now.
    They opened the show with an astonishing graphic of the British and Irish isles.
    The camera angle was such that, in the way used by BBC weather map, Scotland appeared as a shrunken archipelago on the top of a truly massive England.
    That is deliberate subliminal messaging. Glenn Campbell using his handlers skills.
    Now Dross is on. Im out.

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  5. The Andrew Tickell commentary is restricted. Is that an unequal, hate crime. Or a mercy. Depends on interpretation.

    Keep safe. Do not open the door without a search warrant. Social distance.


  6. The real “old white guys” news show will be Andrew Neil’s TV thingy.

    Faux Fox Fibs Fraudulently Fabricated for Feeble Fatuous Fathead Fabulist Fecker Fascists.

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  7. Not everyone is being abused.

    Relationships last 7 years on average. Marriages 10 years. Anything else is bonus or a deficit. Depending on the point of view.

    Catholic 16% of the pop. 12% of the electorate. 8%? of electorate..
    Protestant 32% of the pop 24% of the electorate. 16%% of voters
    BAME 3% of the pop. 2% of the electorate. 1% of voters.
    Jewish 6,000. 4,000 of the electorate. 3,000 voters,

    Catholic’s cannot become monarchs. Catholic’s were only given the vote (MP/representatives) 1861. In NI people were denied the vote up to the 1960’s in parts of Belfast. Discriminated against.

    Churches have rights and privileges about the Law. The equal opportunities and employment Laws.

    Government by consensus, The majority?


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