The differential policing of the far right and loyalist male

Image Reuters

(c) Radio Clyde

18th September 2014, white fascist/loyalist/fans attack a mixed group of men, women and children in George Square, Glasgow. According to the Sun newspaper: ‘At least one man was arrested as scuffles broke out. A number of people draped in union flags later left the area and began spreading on to the nearby streets, with many marching down St Vincent Place as police followed.

There seem to be no images of big white male fascists or loyalists pinned on the ground or against walls.

In 2020, the same groups returned, ‘to protect statues’ from ‘BLM protestors.’

 Demonstrators thrust their hands into the air in Glasgow
Credit: PA:Press Association

Again, no images of arrests or dispersal and certainly no big white guys pinned in any way.

Even the Loyalist media were shocked:

BLM and republican protestors were to receive different policing:

‘Kettling’ is known to pose a serious risk to those with medical conditions such as asthma or hypertension. The UK Hight Court had ruled it illegal in 2011. Again, even the Loyalist media spotted the difference:

The kettling of right-wing male protestors does not seem to happen.

Left-wing males, even pretty tough ones, have in the past seen rough treatment from the UK police:

Orgreave police told to hit miners with 'as much force as possible' -  Mirror Online
Image John Harris
New files add weight to calls for Battle of Orgreave inquiry
Image PA

Miners, fighting to save their jobs and communities were charged and beaten by mounted police in Yorkshire in 1984.

In Scotland too, there was police brutality against the miners. Speaking to the Scottish Government independent review in October 2020 one miner recalled:

Hunterston…turned out to be a miniature Orgreave… On Tuesday May 8th about 1,500 pickets there faced 1,000-plus police. The miners lined up and the police horses simply went right into them. I was surprised no-one was actually killed.

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You may say that was then but we haven’t seen the likes of the NUM on the streets in recent times to see how, today, the police might be told to handle them. Scotland’s strongest contemporary trade union, the teachers’ EIS has the MSM on its side and can do its work by email.

One of the most shocking examples was the kettling of disabled people during a Disability Rights Demonstration in Parliament Square, London, in October 1995.

Wheelchair user being lifted by police
Image Liam Proudlock

Climate change protestors in London in 2009, women and non-violent males, were ‘kettled’ by officers concealing their identification numbers:

Then last night in London we saw this:

Police clash with women at vigil to remember Sarah Everard | News | The  Sunday Times
Times photographer Jack Hill

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is George-Square.jpg

11 thoughts on “The differential policing of the far right and loyalist male

  1. Fact for you John
    Lets assume HM S XxX regiment undergoing
    Training as how to deploy when normal policing and use of HM Forces sent in to back up,when both have lost complete control
    And XxX sent in
    A Jnr. Officer asks a certain Commanding at a juncture of the exercise Sir are we really meant to shoot to xxx , Snr. Officer replies
    W.O.xxxx if you ever again ask or refer to such a matter again, you will very soon find out that your career has come to a abrut end
    Then repeats such and asks the rest of the personnel under his command Did You Hear That


  2. Double standards. Protect men. Violent protests. Handcuff and arrest women attempting a peaceful vigil. The Domestic Abuse Act used against women. Caroline Flack committed suicide. Meghan suicidal thoughts. The Royals interfering in Gov and tax evading illegally. Head of State. Not for much longer? Dysfunctional family.

    The British State the state of it. Would they have arrested and hand cuffed Kate. Laying a tribute. Head of the military. Spending £Billions on illegal weaponry. Donations from the Saudis. The most repressive State in the world. People are being killed and starved. Male repression. Ruining the world. Women 30% unrepresented. 1/4 of the Cabinet 21 men. 7 women. A bit better in Scotland. More representative. Gender lists.

    Jean Charles de Menenze killed. Dick got promoted. Illegal killing,

    The Home Secretary, An abusive bully. Being protected illegally by a
    liar. Breaking the Law. People are being shouted and sworn at and losing their jobs. People are being illegally deported. People are being illegally killed. Asylum seekers imprisoned illegally.

    Miners strike, Thatcher. The violent years. Poll tax. The Falklands War. The Tories had to get rid of her for closer ties with Europe to aid the economy.

    Iraq, Lockerbie, Dunblane kept secret under the Official Secrets Act for 100 years. The culprits are not named, blamed or shamed. Westminster criminality kept secret under the Official Secrets Act. ‘D’ notices for the Press.

    OBAF Act 2012. Repealed 2018. People could die.because of it. Obsessing over football. Not very sporting.

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    1. ” Would they have arrested and hand cuffed Kate. Laying a tribute. ”

      Of course not, Gordon. Kate was being a good little girl. Out in broad daylight, not walking home and, most certainly not alone…

      Mind you, I’d’ve done her for not wearing a mask. Though I do see that nobody would’ve known who she was. Which is 2-edged, as the publicity no doubt encouraged other women. And it was really ‘brave’ of her to skate so close to a political statement…

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  3. One of the images which remains with me of the 2014 riot in George Square is the the BBC cameras and reporter were behind the ‘loyalist’ lines, I.e. within them, and filming towards the pro independence supporters. Because of relative motion the advance of the ‘loyalists’ and the BBC team, was perceived (visually) as independence supporters advancing towards the ‘loyalists’ and BBC. The shouts and anger were recorded on the ‘loyalist’ side of the lines, but were ‘interpreted for us as ‘both sides can be heard shouting abuse’. Young women raising their hands to protect themselves are included in ‘both sides lashing out’.

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  4. As I said on a previous thread, it’s obvious that the women should have draped themselves in Union Jacks. Then they’d be safe, obvs.
    (as I also said previously /s)

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