BBC Scotland get help- with headline writing to tell truth

In the latest attempt to get a scalp, the evil wee axis of Tories, Labour and Lib Dumbs, combined forces to try to get one of the more respected politicians around.

It’s the sort of thing that has turned out well for us all before, like the repeal of the offensive behaviour at football legislation which was clearly misjudged. I mean, honestly, how often do football supporters ever cause trouble?

In the 18th paragraph after the Tory case is repeated we get:

Mr Swinney contended that the government had published the advice to counter “outlandish allegations” of conspiracy, and had provided everything the committee had asked for.

Then in the 23rd paragraph of 24 paragraphs in total, we get the truth:

The Green co-leader said the process had become “shabby political theatre”, with opposition members chiefly interested in “winning a political scalp”.

Despite knowing the above, BBC Scotland went with:

John Swinney survives vote of no confidence at Holyrood

People who read the BBC headline said:

Ah, no smoke without fire?

He’s not as nice as he seems.

With the help of, we’ve put together some alternative accurate headlines for BBC Scotland:

Quite easy really?

16 thoughts on “BBC Scotland get help- with headline writing to tell truth

  1. The SUP,Scottish Unionist Party have only a couple of objectives.
    Oppose independence and ensure that we don’t deviate from the motherland in any significant way.
    Other than that,they do what head office tells them and if Westminster has it’s way,they won’t even be needed for that shortly.

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  2. This morning Gary Robertson was giving Patrick Harvie into trouble for not voting to remove the very competent John Swinney.

    This outfit think they have the right to publically flog politicians who don’t do what they want ie attack the SNP and talk up the Union.

    As Alisdair said yesterday . . . The Greens and SNP should have the same wording in their manifestos regarding independence.

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  3. This is not government as it is meant to be.
    If we had a proper government all party,s would look to improve life for the people who vote them in Scotland and who put them into positions of power and pay their salary sure there would be disagreements on occasion but what we have is the party in power being opposed in everything they do by british unionists who want control of everything in Scotland put back to England.

    The LIST MP,s method is a disgrace nobody knows anything about these people or what they represent they dont have to campaign for election to the Scottish parliament so we dont get a chance to say NO , its all wrong that anyone can ever be an MP in the Scottish parliament influencing our lives even if nobody has ever voted for them.

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  4. I note with interest that Rabb is castigating China for changing the voting rules in Hong Kong something like that and it made me think it really is just what the Tories are doing here in Scotland but they will not concede that as for the vote last night it just goes to prove none of the unionist parties care a monkey for Scotland.

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    1. Scott
      China has banned BBC world news from its airwaves and India is considering the same
      And given that most of The Arab Speaking
      World will not tune in
      That means when ABC ( BBC) refer to Honesty etc. That means more than half of the Worlds population know otherwise
      ABC are now operating in a ever decreasing
      Echo chamber and foolishly they turn up the volume, the more they do the more people turn the knob off

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  5. Scotland is a country, not so different from China, where the news in “managed” by the media representing the British State:
    where independent thought by State parties is heavily discouraged:
    where context and perspective regarding Scotland is only apparent where Scotland is performingly relatively worse, but when circumstances change, is again not reported.
    This British nationalist conspiracy, becomes more apparent the closer we are to the coming election.
    Shameful and a public disgrace.

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    1. Ive never been to China but Chinese people ive spoken to say news is not managed any differently to orher countries , i believe them.
      One thing i do kbow for sure is that UK government lies
      So when UK govt say bad things about China or Russia i know its because China and Russia are telling UK to take a run and jump


  6. As I’ve already suggested, the BBC is simply complying with their legal obligation to support British nationalism. As such, they are compelled to ensure their policy and practice supports culturally informed totalitarianism. Which means, the BBC has to participate in the assassination of Scotland’s constitutional identity , along with our ontological security and our legal right to poses legal rights. Though it is apparent that some of their figureheads relish their task.

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  7. The SUP ( Scottish Unionist Parties ) as Bringiton rightly labels them have only one consideration – survival !
    WHEN Scotland becomes independent ( again ) then I would hope that this disgraceful , tainted voting system would be one of the first items of Westminster’s legacy to be binned . If so , then goodbye Murdo , Annie , Margaret , etc…
    To them Independence is a death sentence on their ”careers ” . It will be back to sponging off his family for Murdo – or emigration ( I will drive him to the border ! ).

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  8. The BBC are undermining Scotland’s democracy. The Brit state have all levers of power and money to remove Scotland’s democratic party of choice while making it appear that the party has fallen on it’s own sword. The Brit EngGov are cunning, they have lots and lots of experience in the world of playing dirty tricks to keep lining their own and their pals’ pockets.
    Anyone know anymore about mention of counting votes the day AFTER the election in May? Rather than overnight. Is it true, and what do people think if so and who is making these decisions?


    1. Arthetty
      Re.counting of votes the decision made was solely by the SG and upon sound scientific advice
      As to count as fast as possible with large nos.of personnel in these days of covid
      Would indeed be fool hardy
      Hence the strong drive to get as many voters to register for a postal vote


  9. All it really illustrates is the desperation of the establishment anti-Indy lobby in their search for a political scalp as their Salmond v Sturgeon “Fishgate” story disintegrates…
    Undaunted BBC promote the 2016 “sexual harassment” story exemplifying why there are no depths to which HMS Sarah Smith’s “Twilight Zone” will not plumb in their search for untruth…
    There is less “OMG” than “WTAF” response to Pacific Quay’s output these days for the majority of the populace, some are openly expressing sympathy for Gary Robertson even if most contain references to a recommended psychiatrist….


  10. The Tories want to destroy Holyrood. They Illegally held back Devolution 20 years. The Tories are in an administration/governance they want to destroy. They are total hypocrites. Aided by the Westminster controlled BBC. They do not believe in democracy and fairness. Westminster ‘Scottish Question time’ is a disgrace with planted Tories/unionists. Disgusting,

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    1. Gordon
      You dead right about audience plants in
      Last night there was a young whipper snapper
      Still in nappies and well wet ahint the lugs
      Bright and maybe just intelligent
      When he spoke less than a sentence in.

      You came to the so obvious conclusion
      Ah here is the plant, so bloody clear when he finished his scripted verses
      Editor must have his head in his hands
      The pup was never afforded another opportunity to wag his frothy tongue
      Despite having his hand up in the air constantly, I observed the presenter numerous times giving him a wee glance, obviously instructed through the ear piece to give the wee lad a body swerve
      What does this tell us
      That The ABC (BBC ) well know tens of thousands of Yessers are on their case and shall cry from the rafters Fowl


  11. The SNP/SG should publicly castigate all britnat media. They’ve nothing to lose in doing so since that britnat media will never support Scotland’s right of self-determination. We need fight not fear.


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