The Needle and the Damage Done to the SNP Government

Let’s leave aside the long-term roots of Scotland’s drug death statistics, in the Thatcher government’s de-industrialisation of Scotland, the destruction of communities and the consequent loss of a meaningful life for a whole generation of, mainly, young men, who 40 years later make up the bulk of the dying, bodies prematurely aged by drugs.

Let’s forget, for the moment the, smug contempt, the corruption and the low-browed ignorance of those big beasts of the Scottish Labour Party who did nothing to protect their country from London policies.

This report from BBC Scotland is a clear example of the kind of propaganda that protects the UK Government and implies that experts blame the SNP Government for the current toll of death.

The extent to which this kind of reporting is clear evidence of a full conscious agenda to undermine the popularity of the SNP or just another product of a more subconscious culture, is up for debate, but the effect is the same – misrepresentation of the facts.

I’ll go through key parts of the text and point to examples in the wording but first, two important facts left out.

  1. BBC Scotland knows that the SNP formally backed the decriminalisation of drugs in 2019. At that time and today, the Home Office remains opposed:
  2. The SNP backed safe drug injection rooms as far back as 2018 and the Home Office vetoed them: and

Today’s BBC report makes no reference to these key pieces of context.

An agenda to deceive or just the way things are done in Pacific Quay?

‘Scotland should introduce “safe consumption rooms” to tackle a record number of drug deaths, senior medical professionals have said.’

Scotland should introduce? They know that the SNP has tried but cannot because the powers are not devolved and so this notion is not the starting point

‘The Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh (RCPE) wants the Scottish and UK governments to seriously consider decriminalising drug possession.’

This is deflection. the SNP has tried. The Home Office has vetoed everything. The RCPE know that.

‘An RCPE report – based on submissions by leading experts – highlights an “impasse” between Westminster and Holyrood over drug policy.’

It’s not an ‘impasse between’, it’s Westminster blocking the Holyrood path. This kind of language protects the UK Government from scrutiny.

‘The report urges politicians to listen to advice provided by frontline medical professionals.’

SNP politicians have listened and spoken out since at least 2018. Again this language shields UK politicians.

Then we read:

‘However, while the Scottish government is open to the plans, it says it must be established legally. The problem is, the UK government does not support such an idea, and it controls national drug policy.’

See how that wording softens the Home Office veto and suggests less commitment by the Scottish Government? Near the end of the report we see that the BBC knows that the Scottish Government is not just ‘open.’

The Scottish government has previously expressed support for the scheme, although the Misuse of Drugs Act is reserved to the UK government, which does not support the move.’

Deliberate deception or just a bad habit?

8 thoughts on “The Needle and the Damage Done to the SNP Government

  1. Part of Englands propaganda war against Scotland
    I could be kind and say its Westminster but know what ? Im fed up bring kind about it , its England that votes the people into Westminster its English MPs that control Westminster its England that controls Scotland and this is another example of how Scotland is told by England no you cant do what you want to do , like a child we have to ask if we can do things to help and protect our people and its a fact that people in Scotland die because of this preposterous situation it has to change , sooner or later our young people are going to fight for their rights .
    Increasingly they are deciding to vote the next step will be direct action

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  2. Drug rooms are not the answer. Legalised State deaths. Attracting dealers. Leading to more deaths and an increase in consumption.

    Proper ‘total abstinence’ counselling rehab is the answer. Doctors should be able to refer people under the SNHS. Costs less and saves £Millions. Under social care councils do not fund proper rehab but put people on methadone for years. Methadone is more addictive and harmful than heroin. Leading to more social costs and premature deaths.

    The Scottish Gov has listened and just funded rehab £250Million. That is a start. For a relative small amount £thousands people can get fine, well and take responsibility for their actions. With proper experience of explanation and rehabilitation. Strategies to put in place to overcome the problem of addiction. So people can get the help they need, it affects all sections of society. Rehab has to be paid for privately but can still be difficult to access.

    MUP has reduced consumption, saved live and is cost affective. Labour was the Party that did not support it. Decriminalisation has been implemented to a certain extent. The problem is dealers. How lenient? Making money out of people’s misery. Or dealing to fund a habit.

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  3. When I first became part of the forces of law and order in the 1960s, I soon realised. although illegal drugs weren’t a huge problem then, that it would only get worse as the years passed.
    In my opinion, and it’s only my opinion, the solution is to legalise all drugs. Of course, the outlets that sold such substances would be licensed, but at least the people buying would know they were getting the correct product, instead of as nowadays it literally could be any old, or deadly muck.
    It would also have at least two positives. One, it would wipe out ,but not completely, the drugs barons who are making a fortune, and are contemptuous of the law. Secondly, these drugs would be taxed, with the money going to a Scottish Exchequer.
    And I suppose, less for the polis to worry about.

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  4. An excellent teardown and analysis, the article is a propaganda piece not journalism.

    Pacific Quay has a long history of lying by omission, so in answer to “Deliberate deception or just a bad habit?”, undoubtedly both.

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  5. John
    It is none of what you suggest
    The ABC ( BBC)
    Are doing what certain persons at a certain trial in Nuremburg said in their defence
    We were only obeying orders
    And in this case we all know who the orders
    And as far as I concerned that only makes matters worse

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  6. It’s deliberate deception first and foremost. The bad habit follows on from that and ensures anyone new coming into the Glasgow Outpost falls into line with the rest of the team continues the deception.

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    1. Jim
      And you bet your bottom $ that all under
      The jurisdiction of a insider M15 supervisor
      Such is bloody obvious from the last few weeks past and as webapproach the crucial Holyrood election
      As one observes the very targeted fine tuning
      Of their nefarious techniques and synchronisation with all other forms of the MSM
      This is rather easy to observe all because all human activity and interactions always reveal
      A pattern and a trail to its very origins
      In this case all MSM reporting is carrying the same flag and singing from the same hymn sheets
      And that all points fairly and squarely to a higher external authority with the conductors baton in has oscillating hands

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