Ipsos Morons?

Between Ipsos MORI’s November poll, support for independence has fallen by 3 points from 51% to 48% but any pollster surely knows that to talk of a trend, as they do above, you need more than two polls.

There have been six already this year and dozens in 2020. Here’s what they show:

Here are the trends:

  1. Support for independence has flattened in 2021 so far after a steep climb into clear lead in 2020. It has NOT fallen back.
  2. Support for the Union has continued in a very steep decline in 2021 after falling steadily since the end of 2018.
  3. The number of undecided has increased in 2021.

It’s easy.

6 thoughts on “Ipsos Morons?

  1. And it is upon the field of uncertainty that we must most carefully nurture and cultivate properly
    All so the seeds we sow fall upon the fertile ground that it most certainly is
    Then germinate to form the mightiest of Indy
    Sturdy oaks that no longer bend to the MSM

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    1. You write: “This is the person THEY want on the list for my area”.

      As I understand it, SNP members in a regional (list) area – on a one member one vote system – will vote for the those on and their ranking in the SNP’s list for the May election. This process is ongoing i.e. not yet concluded.

      Given your ‘insight’, who is known at this time to ‘want’ this candidate to be chosen for and where on the list for the May election? Is the named individual the only choice available to voting members and therefore their success is predetermined? Are there no other candidates?

      Or are you already privy to the result of the Party members’ vote – or implying that members’ votes will be somehow rigged in favour of one individual?

      To be ‘rejected’ -aka ‘not to be chosen’ – in any party’s selection process for a constituency’s candidature is in your view a sign of what? Are you suggesting ‘idiocy’?

      I suggest readers here may well be applying basic textual analysis and their critical thinking processes to your btl contribution and forming their own conclusions as to its content!


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