With friends like this

Retired Sheriff Kevin Drummond QC is the latest to lend his reputation to the strange bedfellows leaping to join the attack on the First Minister with more than a bit of melodrama in his words, above.

Let me say, I don’t know what happened but some folk seem convinced, from Stuart Campbell to George Galloway, a cluster of guys (only?) seem in little doubt.

Not really knowing, not really being legal-savvy, I find myself looking at the kind of guys piling in here. There are some I’ve admired, Craig Murray for one, and others, George Galloway for another, of whom I’d worry if they ever supported me.

The above sheriff is another creeping from the skirting boards. I knew I’d seen his name before. Have a look at these:

Sheriff Drummond opposes increased powers for animal welfare charity. A RETIRED judge who once reportedly told a former police officer concerned about soft sentences given to those convicted of wildlife crime to “get a life” – has launched a blistering attack on proposals currently being considered by the Scottish Government to give more wildlife crime detection powers to the Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SSPCA).


And this:

Sheriff TAK Drummond

A group which campaigns for victims of child abuse have attacked a Scottish sheriff’s decision to give a teacher guilty of indecent exposure an absolute discharge. Helen Holland of the In Care Abuse Survivors Scotland (INCAS) said it was “disgusting” that Gordon Cruden was not adequately punished for the offences at the elite Merchiston Castle school in Edinburgh.


With friends like these?

8 thoughts on “With friends like this

  1. It was the Civil service and the Courts that caused it. Lesley Evans betrayed the women who did not want to go to Court. She was told and told again it would not stand up in Court. She made the Crown Agent pursue it. Used rank and privilege. The Police did not want to pursue it,

    They all have the absolute cheek and effrontery to blame Nicola Sturgeon. The discontents. She was the only one who did not do anything wrong. All the rest of them did, Total misogyny. Grown men gloating about pursuing a woman who did nothing wrong. She followed the Ministerial Code to the lletter.

    This ‘Inquiry’ is just making more and more people annoyed and angry at the injustice taking place. Wrap it up. Cut it. Another unionist own goal. They don’t even realise it. How dumb can they get?

    The dope on the rope. The incessant lying, adulterer does not even know how many children he has. Infesting the planet. Going on about saving it. He could not even save himself. Trying to stick his oar in. Or something else. Too mean to contemplate.

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  2. We Scots are we naive enough to belief that after 300+ yrs of Westminster rule that certain Sections of our Society have not been penettrated, infused,contaminated,infiltrated,influenced,
    Bred into and educated by or according to the Westminster way
    Which all starts with the private education and sometimes at the elite English ones
    Know what i mean
    Nod as good as a wink
    Not what you know but whom you know
    A certain type of hand shake
    Lunch at a Gentleman’s club
    Having fun with a Dead pigs head
    Burlington club
    The list goes on and on,all in order that HMS
    Ship of Fools may sail on and on
    They see us as the tidal currents that sweep them to lethal waters that shall rip their hull open as they strike the rocks of Independence
    As easy peasy as 1+1 = 2
    And spelling Cat
    No need to meander into their forest of inequity to see the trees
    Fly a drone above such forest and soon your eyes come upon the diseased ones
    They just love to entice you into their woods
    in full knowledge you will soon be deprived of
    Proper light,sense of direction and purpose
    All ending up in yourselves becoming utterly
    Confused and lost,eventually ending up completely forgetting as to why you ever began to look as you stagger out into bright sunlight which soon busts the thoughts you once had


  3. Why is the evidence of Geoff Aberdein and the key messages involving Murrell, Ruddick etc. which prove the collusion to get up a false case against him, excluded.
    We only need to know the cover up. It is as plain as day!


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