Bearded by ‘lefty’ at the Times?

Brian Monteith, MEP for the Côte d’Azur and winner of the prestigious ‘Steady hand with a razor‘ award for his sharp pencil beard style which according to Hairstyle Camp, creates ‘a handsome, virile look, one that suits many men even slightly older men.’

With my shaky hand, I’ll be sticking with my ‘Lazy Trotsky.’

Anyhow, who is this Marc Horne and why has he been allowed to call Monteith’s gang right-wing, without so much as even inverting a comma?

Is wanting to save the Union right-wing just because the UK has a hostile environment for refugees and still wants to project power into other parts? Well I suppose it is really.

Is letting Gill Stephenson, the Nazi Germany prof, write for you, a bad thing per se? Yes that too.

Oh yes, Marc Horne, he looks like one of those lefties. He has a full scruffy beard and he won an award for a story focused on private companies being paid millions of pounds of public money being accused of mistreating asylum seekers and housing them in sub-standard accommodation. If he keeps this up, watch out for Facebook banning the left-wing Times.


to beard


boldly confront or challenge (someone formidable).”he was afraid to beard the sultan himself”

10 thoughts on “Bearded by ‘lefty’ at the Times?

  1. Isnt it odd that the high heid Brexiteers all want to live in France, have German passports and base their businesses in Ireland.

    But do not want Scotland to associate with the “nasty foreigners”.

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    1. Anent Mr Monteith and only slightly relevant to the theme of the article: Mr Monteith and I exchanged a few emails about 20 years ago. It was a cordial and witty exchange and had started in regard to a football matter and was not, in any way ‘political’.

      I knew who Mr Monteith was from his involvement on the ‘No No’ side in the 1998 referendum, but we had only briefly met once at a match, which we had both enjoyed, and spoke for about two minutes.

      It was he who emailed me later. It was not until after the exchange had ended and I was filing it that I noticed that his email address was ‘bluetrot’.

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  2. Par for the course with Unionists trying to buy favour with the illegal facebook cronies. Clegg up to his neck in it. Causing Brexit. Influencing Elections/Referendum through the back door illegally. Paying for privilege to make ill gotten gains. Against the representation of the people’s act. A criminal offence. Buying their way out of it. With useless fines. Not a deterrent. Wasting monies on Trdent. Harming people.

    German Profs getting Scottish pension funds. To try and ripe off Scotland and bring it down. Kill off pensioners prematurely. The unionist way. Not blooming likely.Playing to the gallery of dubious complicity. Attention seeking hypocrite. Spewing out misinformation for all to see. See through it. Plain as night following day.

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  3. Mr Robertson , Gavinochiltree , you guys are on top form and so early in the morning too, chapeau , its as if the brexiteers are building an island state that confines us to a minimum wage , buildings that are falling apart , increasing costs for essentials , no more people allowed in unless they pay , students welcome if they pay twenty thousand a year others allowed in but only if they pay a million into a london bank account free a free uk passport given in return , brexiteers want to train all those they have confined to these shores to work for minimum wage so they can make maximum profit conditions here are deteriorating but the brexiteers knew they would , not for them just for us , all part of their plan they already have their other passport and their overseas hoose and from their they dictate .

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    1. My Scottish organic oats not available, first time ever. Veg, it’s all a bit rotten if it available. Just the start. Get buying the seeds in for lettuce, chard, spinach and courgettes etc folks, because they will be ridiculous prices come the summer.


  4. Will someone please give me that grand fellow of a man Mr Monteiths e mail or
    As i have contacts that shall take his career into the stratosphere
    The 1st contact For him is a certain Dr Who
    The 2nd contact is none other than the Camp
    Commandant at Auschwitz
    I can visulise that fine fellow of a guy
    Resplendent in his immaculate new uniform
    Stood upon the rail platform after the empty train has departed,checking his Rolex,turning to his Boss uttering Well that was fun was it not,When is the next load due (Jew) to arrive
    The one and only reason i make this most unusual request is so he ends up at the Nuremburg trials and suffers the consequences thereoff


  5. The guy’s beard looks like a puppet mouth, where are the strings, and he can’t be an MEP anymore.
    The far right are operating at all levels of the EngGov. Terrifying they are employed to work against Scotland.


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