Scots saved by refusing to follow idiotic PM strategy

Scottish Daily Mail

He’s done it before, he’ll do it again. The boy just can’t say no to his backers and donors. They want the economy firing on all its exploitative cylinders as soon as deaths are low enough for their media to follow orders and ignore them.

Twice the death rate in care homes, twice the infection level, around 50% more deaths overall but the BBC Scotland team can be relied upon not to tell their audience about any of this.

Boris is talking cheerily again. He’ll go too quickly again. They’ll be back in lockdown by July.

Scots will be left looking on with dismay and planning their referendum. Boris will have said no way. Anas, Douglas and Willie will be behind him. The Labour and Lib Dem vote will split with half going to the SNP and the other half to the Tories.

The Tory surge to 35% of the vote will be applauded widely but be meaningless as Scots vote 65% for Yes.

Across Europe, governments will recognise us and we’ll be gone from the UK soon after, as will the Northern Irish, leaving Wales to perform the final act.

England’s suffering will be sharp but short as they at last see what the Tories have done for them and they turn to another leftist Labour leader who quickly signs a non-aggression and economic co-operation pact with the other nations sharing the islands.

It’s true.

20 thoughts on “Scots saved by refusing to follow idiotic PM strategy

  1. With regards Boris the Terrible
    I recall a saying quite common amongst country folks
    And one i often used at business meets quoting such, but so few knew nought of what it meant
    Until one day a constant recipient ( a city slicker)of my saying who was experiencing repetitive incidents from one of his employees,which had now evolved into a most serious incident
    And when i repeated my oft said saying in response to his dilemma
    His lit up, saying you just solved my problem
    What is the saying that also so apptly applies to Boris
    Here it is
    ” He is a collie dug and you will never knock it
    Out of it
    Get my shotgun 2 cartridges please”

    Problem solved, that wont happen again will it
    The person involved was sacked that afternoon



  2. The Tories are simply hostile towards social and environmental justice, as well as public health ethics. They are also hostile towards the precautionary principle, which is woven through EU law and policy.

    N.B. Scots law has not managed to produce codified legal rights for Scots, as it stand under Westminster, which considers itself impervious to, and above, international law.

    Health, Health Care, and Rights: A New Natural Law Theory Perspective

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  3. That crystal ball seems to have been dusted off and polished, excellent stuff. I haven’t read the ‘I Ching’ in years, ‘be not sad, be like the sun at midday’. It can be quite accurate, I will try it closer to the election.

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    1. Arty Hetty you have taken me back to Arran in the late 60’s – and it was a good time! Thanks!

      May I just say that photo at the top is quite exquisite.

      I have absolutely nothing to add regarding the PM or Westminster .

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  4. The Mail’s front page missed a trick not having a bubble over McCartney’s dog’s head with “Oops, that wasn’t a fart…” to suit it’s expression.
    Another “not a fart” is Michael Blackley’, his headline following the now familiar pattern of Scots being held back by a Scottish Government “refusing to follow the Prime” Charlatan’s plan to put thousands more into an early grave.

    England appears to be the only country in Europe unaware of the scale of the tragedy under Johnson with yet more to unfold, but with a compliant media diverting attention to “sunny uplands” or troublesome Scots, how would they know any different….

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  5. ”We’re following the science ” said PM , then ignored science and ended Lockdown one too early . Thousands extra die .
    ”We’re following the science ” said PM, then ignored science and ended Lockdown 2 too early . Thousands extra die .
    ”We’re following the science ” says PM as end of Lockdown 3 looms .
    Any guesses as to the next line ?

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    1. James Mills
      You ask any guesses as to the next line?
      None from me
      But if one required then here is the science
      That shall generate such line
      Not a guess but highly probable due to the sheer prevalence of very high number of recent cases particularly in England, borders with many holes in them, dysfunctional test,trace & isolate system, impatience of the English to go their dinger and human stupidy
      Now the science
      Given all above
      A new mutation ( that already may be in existance )
      May arise that has a 4 fold change to its RNA
      that negates considerably the efficacy of vaccination, along with the creation of a remodelled vaccine requiring 4- 6 months at best to be created, then the same period to
      Successfully vaccinate sufficient Numbers
      to end lock down 4
      If so no guesses required

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      1. Indeed, the longer England “maintains” high levels of infection the closer to such nightmare scenario we creep, and by “we” I mean potentially ALL of us.

        That HMG should take such a cavalier attitude at this stage beggars belief after the Kent variant, the chances of a mutation bypassing the protection afforded by existing vaccines increase with each passing week, it’s almost as if it’s become an ambition.

        Terry Pratchett’s character “Bloody Stupid Johnson” seems positively sensible compared to the current #10 incumbent…

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      2. That’s what I expect will happen. Heard a few docs say that you want low infection rates when vacinating a population otherwise a high chance of mutation developing that can evade the vaccine. That’s exactly the case with England.
        Re. England’s quarrantine, 30 odd red countries. The flaws are easy to understand, therefore it’s done in the knowledge that it’s inadequate to keep out the S. African mutation etc.
        That’s before you consider Scots being allowed to travel through England by public transport.

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    1. It’s not clear to me that a delay would damage the SNP, has the full impact of Brexit been felt yet? Will it be covered up by coming out of lockdown and furlough ending?


  6. If Scots ever want to enjoy the benefits of open democracy and good public health, we’ll need to purge ‘our’ legal Establishment of all those who are content to recognise Westminster as retaining legal authority over Scotland. As that requires ‘our’ legal officers to place Westminster’s claim to legal supremacy, above the Moral law. Though it is probably already too late to halt ‘our’ legal Establishment from turning Scotland into a totalitarian enclave of Greater England.

    Foundation For A Natural Right To Health Care

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  7. Good to see Boris following the science. How can you put exact dates on this. Yes give guidelines but firm dates no.

    I like your analysis of our future freedom John,

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  8. Independence coming soon to make Scotland/world a better place. The Westminster unionist cabel out of the loop.

    The dope on a rope helping the Independence movement. Brexit shambles following on. Out of office soon. The Tories losing support, especially in Scotland. Vote Tory-unionist to die younger. The Tory sycophants responsible for people’s death. Totally poor, bad mismanagement. The are completely useless imbeciles. They do not not care at all. 3rd raters. Promoted beyond their capabilities.

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  9. The children/parents and carers in Scotland are glad and delighted to have the limited no of children back at school. Eased in gradually. To keep on top of the infection. Lowering infection and deaths, with the roll out of the huge vaccination programme. Marvellous,


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